The Flower Coding Topic


Hey guys! I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally have the idea of a flower topic. XD

So, in this topic you can:
• Make a collaboration relating to flowers
• Share projects made with any coding program (Scratch, Tynker, Hopscotch, coding playgrounds, etc.) relating to flowers
• Give feedback (nicely!) on projects related to flowers
• Give ideas for projects relating to flowers

On this topic you can not:
• Give rude feedback about projects
• Talk about random subjects

They're pretty simple rules, but make sure to follow them! Thanks! :cherry_blossom:




Awesome! I love flowers, I'll try to make more projects including them! :D


Awesome :DDD
I don't think I've coded a flower on Hopscptch before :DDD


game idea:
Play a person littering everywhere (sidewalk, on soil, etc.) that's running from a police car trying to give them a fine
People get angry 'n stuff, flowers and trees cry or something or become deformed (litter blocks them from growing)
When you get caught, put up a message like don't litter kids, cus flowers get harmed 'n stuff (Metro Train's Dumb Ways to Die inspired this idea btw)


I love this topic so much already ;u; :D

How about a flower growing game?
You have to water, clip, and simply take care of your flower XD :D
And there can be mini games like "tap the cloud to make it go away" or "swat the harmful bugs"
I had this idea a while ago but didn't get to make it XD
(The flower would have nine pink petals and a yellow center of course) XD :D

I don't know XD :D

Really cool topic! :D


Woah, it's funny, because I have a flower growing project buried in my drafts somewhere!
In which I spent forever coding the flowers themselves, but gave up when it came to gameplay. XD

Another project that'd be cool would be where you have to allow bees onto your flowers to pollinate, but you have to swat wasps away. The bees fly between flower to flower, and help you score points when they pollinate the flowers.
I don't really know, I just thought I'd share this with any potential flower project coders. XD

This is a really cool topic idea! :D


This is such a cool topic! :0000

I've coded flowers on HS before :D

(which is a living representation of what procrastination-filled projects are)

I also have a draft of a trail art flower using different shades of HSBs... and I can't find it in my 192828374 drafts so I'll just start over on it XD



I might remake my summer collection, adding all flower themed games!


Cool idea! :D

lol I don't think I've ever coded flowers on HS. XD


You probably will leike these flowers:


Cool! :D

The reason I'm not too excited is cuz I'm not that crazy about flowers ಠ_ಠ XD

But I'll code some stuff! ^.^


Should we share our project, @Candycane?


Yus! :3

Sorry for the late reply, I just got home :sweat_smile:


At nine? :scream: :scream:




Here are my flower projects:

(I also coded my profile picture on Hopscotch :smiley:)


Here's a flower it's not really amazing...


@Intellection74 since you dont have a topic anymore i am just going to post this here

how is clarinet going? Did you do the variations/bach thing?


(Hi @Anonymous :D) Inty made another topic but it is in #lounge at the moment so that is why you can't see it sadly ;-;