The Fires In Our Forest



I'm realizing that I've been causing trouble. I realize that I've been causing people to nearly quit. I realize that I'm damaging the Hopscotch community. And I'm sorry.

A Forest

Hopscotch is a forest. It's a huge forest, and Hopscotchers are all different types of trees. Some trees are huge and well known, like the mighty redwoods, some are artistic and beautiful, like the weeping willow or the cherry blossom. Some trees are helpful, and they give fruits, such as apples or oranges. Some trees are small, but they all have the potential to grow huge. No two trees are alike. A dogwood will never be a japanese maple, and oaks will never be silver birches. But they are all important. The forest is as large as you can imagine. It is the most beautiful forest you will ever see. It has a hidden grove, right in the center, where the trees can talk to each other. It's called the forums. It has places that have not yet been discovered, and it has dark, evil places, that are filled with horrid, gnarly trees. Sometimes, a tree will fall. All of the other trees grow silent. But, the forest keeps growing. Once in a while, a horrible thing may happen. In one of the evil places in the forest, one of the gnarled trees will start a fire. The fires started by these trees have awful chemicals that damage the rest of the forest. Sometimes these fires cause good trees to fall. But the forest still keeps moving. Then one day, a new tree grew. This happens every day. But this new tree was different. It was a magnolia tree, and the only one of it's kind. It grew in one of the unexplored places. It came to the forums and greeted the other trees. But for some reason, it started a fire. It wasn't a chemical fire, no, it was a natural fire. These seem awful and devastating at the time, but from the ashes of those fires, the forest becomes even more beautiful. It becomes stronger. The fire that the small magnolia started would do just that. It would start and seem devastating, and it would seem that way for a while, but the forest will become stronger.

I'm Sorry. But I'm Not.

I am that small magnolia. The fire has already begun. I'm sorry that I've caused such a disturbance. But if I am to stay here, it is the only way for me to belong. Every forest needs fire. It's a fact of nature. Chemical fires for Hopscotch are things like I am not starting a chemical fire. So I'm sorry for the disturbance I've caused. But in the end, we will be stronger. Hopscotch will not be destroyed. If I even see the slightest chance that Hopscotch is suffering too much because of me, I will leave. But I will do everything and anything in my power to ensure that doesn't happen. I started this fire. I will be the one to take responsibility for it. No one else should blame themselves for the mayhem that is happening.

Sorry That I Exist

So I'm sorry that the way I'm born offends you. I'm sorry that people like me exist. I'm sorry you can't accept me. I'm sorry that everyone isn't the same as you, and that they aren't going to fit into your idea of a perfect world. I'm sorry for sharing the idea that everyone should be treated equally. I'm sorry that I joined Hopscotch carrying this idea. I'm sorry that I joined the forums to get noticed. I'm sorry I asked for a coding partner. I'm sorry that I stood up for myself and my community when I was being told to stop. I'm sorry that I dragged some of you into this mess. I'm sorry. I'm really, truly sorry. But I am not going to leave unless it is truly necessary. No. This magnolia is here to stay.

I will be making this Hopscotch related by creating a project based off of the forest description


We are all equal you are not worse then others

We aren't mad you exsist

You just go against a couple religions but you are fine!

We don't want you to quit!

We don't want you to stop!

Just maybe someone will say to you one time "May you please stop talking about that to me?"

It happens!


He isn't saying that he is going to leave because of the hate! He said how he wants to help the community.


Amazing! I love how you're going to help the community as much as possible! And how you described the forest…
I would be a willow tree.


I want to hear What happens next


He will only leave if the community needs him to.


I'm a she, but thanks!


There is no need to get at yourself like that! So many people love that you are using the forum to teach people about this. Who cares about the haters? Let the, hate. You be you! I love that you are using hopscotch to teach people about it, and I am actually excited to learn more from you. :smile:


@LGBT.Coder , that was a beautiful paragraph. I have not yet contributed to the LGBTQ discussions, and I feel that now I must. Your quest to educate the hopscotch community really inspires me. Most importantly, you don't have apologize for who you are or for what others are. No one has to apologizes for being themselves, for being who they feel they are. I have found some of the things hopscotchers have said about you and LGBTQ+ people wrong, and disgusting. We all are complete and full human beings, equal in all ways. I fully support you. I have lived around LGBTQ+ all my life, some of the best people I know are LGBTQ. All I have to say is,
thank you @LGBT.Coder , for trying to make the world a better place, teaching the children of this world (and some adults) about LGBTQ+ issues, which they surely need to know about

I am sorry if I offended anyone, I'm just trying to express my opinions about what is right.


this is amazing. You deserve better.


But why does it have to be taught in hopscotch? Do you want young kids (even four year olds) to learn about words they shouldn't know? Isn't the forums about learning and helping people code? Is LGBT (not LGBT. CODER)helping people code? (Just saying that I am not offended about LGBT I just don't believe it should be on hopscotch.) (Also no flame wars please...)


Beautiful speech, @LGBT.Coder! Don't let the hate get to you. Just remember that the majority of us, and even THT themselves, support you.
I honestly can consider you one of the bravest people I know, for coming onto Hopscotch and sharing your message. Why would it be wrong for kids to learn about love?
Plus, I really love your projects! You are really good at coding, despite being fairly new on Hopscotch.
Don't apologize for being yourself. Especially when you are amazing.
Thanks for everything that you do.


My only question is "Do you code on hopscocth?"


@Stick88 yes 4 year olds need to know, everybody needs to understand the world they live in.


That was wonderful. Don't be sorry. Please,
Don't. It is not your fault!!! It may seem like that, but it's not! Everything would have been fine when you joined, except some people had a problem with that. It's those people that got upset, and made it become a problem! I'm not blaming those people directly, but it is most certainly not your fault. And please, don't leave. The community is better with you. It really is. And you have big supporters, including the leaders (powerful Hopscotchers), the moderators (hey! They can deny all flags! :wink: ), and the administrators (do I even have to explain? They created Hopscotch :stuck_out_tongue: ), and myself. You, are not the problem. The community is. That was a beautiful speach. But don't feel sorry, and please don't leave!


I was saying it sort of metaphorically. I'm not sorry about those first things. I'm saying that they should be.


I'm only going to leave if things get really bad. Trust me, I don't want to leave Hopscotch!


Yup. I had to take a break from my biggest project due to a mega glitch, and I'm not sure I can fix it.


Your not a disturbance. Your an AMAZING part of this community. Remember You have me, the mods, the leaders, the hopscotch team and so many more people! None of us want to see you go. Everyone should learn about LGBT so they learn to accept them as humans. We ALL are humans and everyone needs to see that. No matter your race, sex, religion. We are all humans. Think. You have ALL these people by your side, what would happen if you left? A chain reaction. You wrote a beautiful speech. If you ever want to talk to me you can email me at

I am always going to be here for you.


Adaption of the song "Let It Go"

Topics glow bright on m' iPad tonight, not a reply to be seen.
A forum of isolation, and it looks like I'm a leader.
The wind is howling outside my window t'night.
Couldn't keep them here, Heaven knows I tried.
Don't let them delete the app Hopscotch.
Be the kind Hopscotcher you always have to be!
Conceal your grief, don't let it out!
Well, now it's out!

Let it grow, let it grow
Can't hold it in anymore
Let it grow, let it grow!
Turn your iPad off right now!
I'll only care
If they're going to quit
Let the fire stop now
The flame wars always bothered me, anyway.

It's funny how the distance
Makes everyone seem far
And the fears that never controlled me
Have gotten to me now!
It's time to see
What I can do
To help Hopscotch and make it through
Lots o' right and wrong
Lots o' rules for me
I'm free!

Let it grow, let it grow
I am one with Hopscotch and the forum!
Let it grow, let it grow
You'll never see me leave!
Here I stand
To help Hopscotch
Let the fire stop now…

My power flurries through the forum to Hopscotch
My soul is spiraling through this spiral draw
I'm never leaving now, that is for the future

Let it grow, let it grow
And I'll rise to be famous
Let it grow, let it grow
That young coder is gone
Here I stand
With my iPad now
Let the fire stop now!
The flame wars always bothered me, anyway.

Notes:@LGBT.Coder, I know you want to help the Hopscotch Community, and this would be a great theme song for you! It took me about 15 minutes to write the song, I adapted it from "Let It Go" and changed the lyrics, but kept the tune.
Thanks for the "Nice Reply" badge, everyone! This is my first one!