The Final Verdict On Likes, Drawings, Coders, and Artists on Hopscotch



Many of you know that @KiwiCute2016 gave me a challenge to draw nothing this week without coding.
Even though the challenge isn't over, I think I'd like to make a few points that seemed rather interesting

  1. My projects did get less likes than my drawings, so I suppose that does prove the point of drawings getting more likes, unless people didn't like the projects I made
  • No your projects were great!
  • They were 'ight
  • Mehhh


There's going to be a bunch of polls btw in this.

So I decided to go into more depth on the ordeal. If you look on trending, most of the projects there are
some form of art, or some coding and maybe a poll here or there.

Here's The Reason

Art is more visually appealing to us than suppose a black screen with white text
Art is a first impression, and only a first impression because you can't delve into the project. The art erases. Meanwhile a black screen with white text hardly attracts the eye compared to the colorful drawing you have made.
People are more likely to press the like button when there's a smooth background versus a standard Hopscotch color background because you've added an extra detail which makes the display attractive.

I noticed this with my coding projects as well.
Not only did they gain less than my projects, they also varied in themselves.
I created 4 projects this week so far
Light Prism
2015 Music Video
Commercial Contest
Pie Chart Template

Without looking at my profile, guess which one got more likes?

  • Light Prism
  • 2015 Music Video
  • Commercial Contest
  • Pie Chart Template


Granted I haven't finished my week yet, and some projects had the advantage of trending, my Light Prism took the cake with 190 likes, 2015 Music Video with 170 likes, and both my Pie Chart and Commercial Challenge is 150 likes.

Now, tell me what you think should've gotten more likes

  • Light Prism
  • 2015 Music Video
  • Commercial Challenge
  • Pie Chart Template


Personally, I felt like my 2015 Music Video should've gotten more, as it had more thought and effort, and definitely more code.
I almost thought it would get rising or maybe even featured.... (Not asking or guilt tripping, it's just my thoughts :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it got less than my light prism. It will even probably get less than my other two projects I made yesterday and the day before.


Because my light prism has a more attractive layout, versus my (otherwise well thought out) layout for my music video
I started to feel angry, maybe even a little jealous. Jealous of my own art stealing my own chance to rise as a coder. Maybe people are just very absorbed in first impressions.
But the first impression is usually wrong.

Artists Can't Help It

If an artist gets more likes than you, they can't help it! Art is proven to be liked by a lot of people, so please don't say they don't deserve these likes. If people want to like them, they do. I get why you may be mad or even a little jealous, but remember.
Think of the most known artists in Hopscotch. Go on, think.
Probably the first people that pop into mind is @LotsaPizza, @Poptart0219, or maybe even me if that's how you view me.
Now think of how many people draw on hopscotch daily
30-40% maybe? Ok, we agree on that.
Now think of some more famous artists. Go on, keep thinking.
Probably only 2-3% of artists are Mega Artists (let's use that term)
And get 50-300 likes on each of their projects. They have talent, and we should respect that.

What I've Learned

  • great post! I love the effort!
  • niceeeee!
  • Yes!
  • It's pretty good
  • Mehhhh
  • No, try harder, yeesh
  • um no I'm good, thanks for wasting my time...
  • I'm totally unconvinced, please stop making topics you're just a waste ofjshbsjhsbjshbhsb



So I've seen people get excluded and added in when they don't want to or are unavailable, like people on vacation or at a camp. You can say if you want to be in them or excluded down below.
@AvocadoDont [currently unavailable for some days]
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Agreed, but what I'm saying is that the "Mega artists" get more likes on a pretty simple project than even popular people. Like 50-100 more likes.


That's powerful.
I draw because I like to...
But have you realized something?

When was the last time I did a request?!

I did take a break, yeah, but I've been posting code a lot lately.
It's an experiment:

I post 2 or 3 coding projects.

See how many likes.
Maybe 50? 70? 90?


I post a drawing.

Maybe 120? 170? 200?

I'm known for my drawings, yes, but can't I code, too?

Are you saying that if I stop drawing, I'll lose followers?

Think about it.
@OrangeScent1 just wanted to add some of my words :wink:


What i'm trying to say is that many of those artists are not even "many", only 6-10, I get what your trying to say though


I like your code because unlike others it brings out more of you when you code other people just code and there is not style or as I would say Pazaz
Don't judge :hand:


I made a drawing account and got 30 likes on an eye drawing. Even though I'm "popular", not many people even know that account exists...


well said well said i love this post! fantastical job!


Like I Said:
People like appealing projects. If they look good, they like it.


Great topic @OrangeScent1 I agree with ya I don't get much like because people don't know me And popular people get loads of likes :disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::sob:


No, I'm taking away the "Mega artist" argument. Sorry, I'm just a really disputatious person...:stuck_out_tongue:


This was exactly why I had a small grudge on you, all you did was art and you got to the MagmaPOP level of Art in less than a year, if not, 6 months!


It still isn't right to get mad at me for my drawings, that's like getting mad at MagmaPOP for getting 409 likes on a hair drawing


It's over, I got over it! Look how I highlighted the word had! :wink:

EDIT: MagmaPOP's more of a coder than an artist. :wink::wink::sweat_smile:


I personally think it's best if we forget all of this.

Everybody's great, coders or artists. Okay?


Oh, and another thing - the more you code, the more likes you get on your coding projects, because people get used to them. :wink:


I'm with ya! :smile:


I made SmileyAlyssa's SmileyPad I'm a bit jealous that it go heaps of likes and ppl probably wouldn't look in credits. It's just not fair that I get not much likes


I personally disagree with that, I think likes vary to the project :wink:


There are different arguments regarding this, let's forget about it! :yum:


And for the "it looks better" point,

It's called "aesthetically pleasing". People are mentally (psychologically? idk) more likely to like something with a "pretty" thumbnail rather than a not as eye-catching thumbnail that goes to an amazing project.

But yeah, let's just forget it! :yum: