The Filter officially hates me



Okay so maybe a few months ago the filter blocked every single one of my projects.. it even blocked the ones that were visible before. So i emailed THT and they fixed it, apparently it was a glitch on my profile. So then a little while later, any project i published got block but the rest of my account was still visible. So they pushed the projects out of the filter and then my account was good. Now the filter is blocking my projects again. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get them out but it didn't work so I emailed THT 2 weeks ago and got a reply saying The projects appear to be out of the filter.. then I got another email saying, never mind they are stuck. Before I could reply my i-pad died. So @Liza, did my projects get pushed out? It still seems that they aren't visible. Also the answer to your question is to see if they are in the filter, like the project then check your favorites.If its not their.. its stuck. So why does my profile do this? Its randomly every other month.


Just reinstall Hopscotch! It normally works!


I have tried that but it still blocks me.. I forgot to put that in the first post.


That's strange... have you tried with a separate device? :/


I don't have another device so it wouldn't work.. Also went i originally sent the links it said that it wasn't published when it was.


You could try logging out and then logging back in.


I'll try that right now! :D


Same thing happened to me! And sometimes the filter hates me but it always goes away after a few days!


3 weeks. :/ Hey! My potato meme project came out! :D