The Filter ate my song



I am really annoyed. Can you guys please test this link? It leads you to a hopscotchified version of the song "Love and Joy", made by me, Pegasus☄.If you click this it should lead you to my project, but it may not

Before you flag this, I want you to know this is a a safe link. I am just asking this because am VERY annoyed at "The Filter". I have republished this project countless times, re- coded it over and over. I logged out of Hopscotch and back in. I am done. Please, if you want to hear the song, listen to it here. So tired of trying to get it out on hopscotch.
I have spent many hours trying.
I was planning on using this for my collab with XiaoMiaoMi, but that probably won't happen.
I hope the link works.

-A miserable and defeated Pegasus☄

Thanks to those who tested the link, I now know you can access my project through the Forum. But why, I do not know. That means the project partially exists...


@Pegasus :0

Edit: The link works now! :D

Is there any bad stuff in the project?

If not, email the Hopscotch Team!


Works for me


Whoop whoop


@SmilingSnowflakes: Oh, that must be the reason the filter ate it. It must be complicated... Thank you.
@iReesesCup Glad to hear you like it!
Both of you, I can't believe you replied so fast! Thank you for testing the link, and I am glad it works. I will notify the Hopscotch team.


I like to consider the filter the bot of the Hopscotch application... :wink: (the link works!)


What do you mean "the bot?". Also, who named the Filter?
Thank you for testing the link!


The bot is the thing that closes flagged topics when a leader doesn't. Learn more by scrolling all around the Drawing on Paper topic. (It's not hard to miss, it has more replies than any other topic!)


Wait.... Back on topic....
The other kind of bot





get back on topic! (≧∇≦)


Guys! Thank you for the Nice Topic badge!