The featured bug is now on trending and trending is DISGRACEFUL


That sounds really cool! :smiley:


Yeah, it would be a cool thing to have of it was balanced so a combination of new and other Hopscotchers could be on Trending at the same time! Maybe THT also could add so the project on Trending were from more different categories, like #games, #art or #wip.


I like that idea!


It’s so unfair. Something needs to be done.


the bad thing is that nothing will probably be done


This is not about trending but they should make it so you can comment on projects and a flag button so if someone is mean then you can report them!


I actually didn’t know this was happening. Yes, as many others say I too also don’t check trending many times a week, but this is super weird!


Being able to comment would be cool! I don’t think it will happen, though. Hopscotchers could comment bad things and The Hopscotch Team wants to keep us safe.

Also, you can report projects! You just click open the project, click the three dots in the upper left hand corner, and there should be 3 options available: Publish Remix, Save as Draft, and Report. From there it will ask why are you reporting the project, and then The Hopscotch Team will review it!


I think we should have tags like the forum so like if soomeone tagged like smiley in a project and if smiley is active they could see it
AND it would be there hs name


They could add custom comments where it gives you a bunch comments to send instead of people being able to make there own inappropriate ones. For example there would be comments to answer things like:
This is awesome!
Etc… hope I made sense?


Hopscotcher s could make projects with bad things too.

Yiu are still aloud to publish projects.


What are you referring to?


How you said you shouldn’t be able to make custom comments.

It’d be as bad as lego life, where you can’t give any feedback because you can’t type.


I agree. Maybe there could be a list of comments you can choose from then maybe that would work?


I just meant that they probably can’t add comments because people are already being hurtful with just remixing projects with text. But if there were small comments like this people wouldn’t have to be constantly remixing projects with just things saying hi or looks good.


Great post, but isn’t calling someone THT made “disgraceful” a little rude?
I haven’t checked trending in ages so yeah


I do not draw tho…
I haven’t drawn much at all really…


That would defeat the entire purpose of comments.


That’s true :thinking:


My Minigames got stolen & is on trending as arcade games, but my COPYRIGHT is still there! That is why I made the skit.

EDIT: oops… featured bug, not remix tag bug … oh well