The featured bug is now on trending and trending is DISGRACEFUL


Remember when featured had a bug where projects were switched around, lost and trapped and mixed up?

This bug has cunningly moved into trending:

  • Projects are randomly disappearing and appearing. I’ve seen this. Instead of moving down they disappear.
  • Projects that are popular don’t get on.
  • And it’s very faulty, in many ways.
  • Trending is disgraceful and needs more effort.

It’s becoming concerning and the bug is just going to get worse.

@OMTL only you guys can make a change.


No one really cares. Of course, because everyone wants to draw and get popular. None can be bothered coding, people wanna remix draw, get trending and get popular


Here’s my solution.
I’m only posting a project that’s featured worthy. No more from me for a while then…


Normal coded games doesn’t get on trending because people doesn’t remix them.
When someone draws something people wants to remix to use the draw pad and then it’s getting on trending.
Pretty unfair


This is weird. I haven’t noticed projects disappear on Trending yet, but I don’t check Trending that many times every week.


It would be kinda nice if there were separate trending pages like one for projects posted in the art category, one for the games category, and etc. This is way is you want to see the drawings you would most likely go to the art category trending page and only see it there.


Ignore my grammar at the end :laughing:


I agree. Maybe it should be more about the amount of plays than the amount of remixes :thinking:


I don’t check trending as much anymore because it’s mostly just drawings… I would like to see more games and creative projects!


Well I don’t think it can be the amount of plays because people can just keep playing there own projects and force it up towards the top of trending


Yeah, and Trending is great to check as it updates every day, so it would be cool to find a little more projects there.


Maybe they could make it so it only counts other people’s plays


By the way I am a HUGE fan of your projects!!


Omg that’s so weird because I’m HUGE fan of yours!


LOL, I just think that all of your projects are super creative and feature-worthy :slightly_smiling_face:


:blush:Awe thanks so much!


I love the idea of having a coding trending and an art trending.


And likes
But views should have more power


Maybe trending project also could be based on a more advanced algorithm, like if someone haven’t posted a project in a long time and gets a lots of likes and plays on it, I think that it should get on trending because it gives a Hopscotcher that just came back a great opportunity to showcase their new project. That is just an example.


Great idea! Trending should give newer hopscothers a chance to get noticed :slightly_smiling_face:


Or if there was a trending hopscotchers page where it would show hopscotchers accounts instead of projects