The FAI Tournament!



FAI (Fake Artificial Intelligence) is very similar to AI, but because Hopscotch doesn’t connect to the internet in a way that people can Code with it, it is impossible to code AI. But, you can make FAI programs. We can make a very advanced non- learning chat bot (OMIER), or a simpler age guesser. This is a tournament to see who can make the coolest and most advanced FAI programs!





If you want to be a judge, fill out this form:
Forum username:
Hopscotch username:
Have you made an FAI program? If you have, give a link.


There will be a few rounds(depending on the amount of contestants) to win, you must pass each round.
Each round will take a week, with 3 days to judge.


First place:
Project will be nominated for featured.
OMIER will talk about you.
A shoutout
A follow

2nd Place:
A shoutout
A follow

3rd place:
A follow


Committee of United Hopscotchers (CUH)

I’d lile to join!


I can judge!
Forum Username:HopscotchRemixer
Hopscotch Username: OfficialHopscotchRemixer
Have you ever made an FAI: O have but never published the final version. It was a state guesser


What would be an example of an FAI project on hopscotch?



Here is one that got popular a few weeks ago…


That Is cool
I would try it


Here is another example:


To be a judge you must’ve made a FAI project. You can be a contestant, though.


Yep…that was the one Wyn made for coding class…and about never figured out the variables for XD.