The facts topic!


I just want people to see it!


That's okay, but I think people like having their own topics for this kind of thing.
No offense, you can totally keep this.


Kewl topic @Paige1212! :DD


I thought of that idea too, but in my head was

eh, someone would make that sooner or later...


lol (:
Awww, I gtg bai guys! )):


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I will!


Okayz paigey ;D lol

50 facts about meh
  1. My fave color is yellow
  2. I have brown hair
  3. I like to wear dresses
  4. I have two features on Hopscotch, three if you count the challenge feature
  5. I have atleast two trendings, I don't look that often but sometimes I do lol
  6. I over use "lol" and "XD"
  7. I love macaroni and cheese
  9. I talk to my plushies XD
  10. I have a lot of plushies XD
  11. I like being random
  12. I like using bad grammar in my general topik
  13. I like typing and talking... Obviously XD
  14. I love my little pony
  15. I love Pokemon
  16. I love coding
  17. I love Hopscotch
  18. I wanna work at Hopscotch
  19. I'm a klutz XD
  20. I get excited too easy XD
  21. Artsy and smoltatopai are bffs
  22. I like to draw
  23. I'm homeschooled
  24. I mostly eat organic food
  25. I like eating
  26. I like riding bikes
  27. I like playgrounds
  28. I love swimming
  29. I'm weird XD
  30. I love the forum
  31. I love making frens
  32. I love arts and crafts stuffz
  33. I love the number 2
  34. I love games
  35. I have a club on the forum
  36. I have no irl frens
  37. My family travels a lot
  38. I have eight siblings
  39. I'm kinda forgetful
  40. I get cold easily
  41. I get headaches easily
  42. Games are my fave thing to code
  43. I like auto correct, but I also don't XD
  44. I love these emojis: :tada::+1::scream:
  45. I love my bed XD
  46. People often think I'm eight, tho I'm actually twelve
  47. I get worried too easily
  48. I love parties
  49. I love wrapping presents
  50. I'm boring


I feel like doing a topic but know that your saying this..


I almost have all those in common lol XD!
(Oops used lol and XD again!)
I'm not homeschooled!


Lol XD

Must write more facts XD

  • I have over forty shopkins XD

  • I like writing facts

  • I like the sololearn coding apps


I have over 100! Lol XD


Shopkins? XD

My fave is Timmy tomatoe paste XD


Mine is.... all of them but I like Wanda wafer!



One of my other faves is a present one I got near Christmas time lol

100 facts about me

1.I like clam chowder
2.My most amount of likes is 17 likes
3.I don't like Language arts
4.I believe in LGBTQ+ rights
5.I don't like religion on the forum (no flame wars, please and thanks)
6.I think the forum is relatively fun
7.I like to have a peaceful forum
8.Art is my favorite subject
9.I think I have been on HS for two years
10.I am very self conscious
11.I don't like typing
12.I don't know why I am doing this
13.I live in Florida
14.I don't like Donald Trump (No flame wars, please and thanks)
15.I like telling people about me
16.I like to make friends
17.I have hair that is brown at the top and blond at the tips
18.I like to write stories
19.I am active
20.My new years goal is to get healthier
21.I have not gotten a featured
22.I have not coded a game
23.I am bad at trail art
24.I like to draw
25.I like to paint
26.My favorite color is blue
27.I prefer waffles instead of pancakes
28.I like the potatoes
29.I like FoodDelivery's projects
30.I think everyone on the forum is awesome
31.I like to travel
32.I want to be a vet when I grow up
33.I am younger than most people here
34.I like kindness
35.I celebrate international cupcake day
36.I have had 11 stitches
37.I try to be kind no matter what
38.I argue, a lot
39.I believe in equal rights
40.I believe that religion is okay as long as we talk of it respectively
41.I hate flame wars
42.I feel bad when topics are closed because of flags
43.I have had 2 flags
44.Sometimes I feel that flags are unneeded (no flame wars please and thanks)
45.I like school
46.P.E is my least favorite subject
47.I like HS
48.I feel that coding is challenging
49.I am an average typist
50.I like to welcome people to the forum
51.I like shopkins
52.I love to play ROBLOX
53.I hate autocorrect
54.I use ":D" too much
55.I like to help people
56.I have bad grammar
57.I get angry easily
58.I get exited easily (AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA 58 FACTS) see what I mean?
59.I don't have a phone :((
60.My iPad has problems
61.I am severely near-sided
62.I like the phrase JUMPYDUCKZ!!
63.I am relatively new here
64.I like trust levels
65.I feel that suspensions are reasonable (no flame wars please)
66.I think MagmaPOP is an inspiration
67.My favorite food is WAFFLEZ
68.I noticed that "WAFFLEZ" is a word
69.I like pancakez too
70.I noticed "Pancakez" is not a word
71.I'm sad that inspirations are leaving
72.Idk how I am supposed to do 100 of these
73.I like mint toothpaste
74.I am running out of ideas
75.This is taking forever
76.I like multiplication (12x12=144 :DDD)
77.I get confused easily
78.I cry whenever I see an animal hurt or abused
79.I am an animal shelter volunteer
80.I am very shy
81.I try my best to stay calm
82.I try my best not to give away personal info
83.I hate bugs
84.I hate that the game I am coding is ruined
85.I keep making spelling mistakes
86.I am exited that we're almost to 100
87.It's been an hour
88.English is confusing for me
89.I use google translate too much
90.WE'RE AT 90
91.I am going to post this on the facts topic
92.I should be calm
93.I like astronomy
94.I like to watch movies
95.I like to read
96.I am too lazy to post the tag list
97.I like food
98.My favorite book is the book "Wonder" by R.K Palacio
99.My favorite app is hopscotch


Ten facts about me
  1. I like Seaweed soup.
  2. And potatoes...
  3. Green is da color I like the the most (although my bedroom is 85% pink)
  4. I used to play the piano
  5. Don't like roller coasters
  6. Dislikes soda for some reason?
  7. Wears glasses
  8. Loves tsumtsums
  9. Plays the flute
  10. Dislikes ONIONS


Fact about me:
I can't tell anyone apart anymore XD


1 fact: this is one fact I typed myself using my iPad.