The Evil Scarf Topic >:D



@Pingu Yay danke! :3






Hi fren


Nice scarf, eh?


I think I want to join....


If there was any scarf pixel art it would be a definate answer of yes,

But sadly, this is a scarf pixel artless world. ;-;

I guess I'll sleep on it. Could you please take it off for now? :)


@CrystalPanda could you ask before you add yourself?
Before you add, a president or a Vice President needs to confirm and choose what rank you are.

Regular is a pretty high rank...
You can keep the rank, but please, ask before you add, thanks! :D


What rank do you want to have? VP or president! I have a lot of scarves, I can make scarves, I can code scarves, I can draw scarves.

Scarves need to take over.


I think from now, most new people will get new or member.
We need more of those lol

I think we don't need anymore presidents or Vice Presidents. XD

I think I should use something else rather than president lol


how can i join scarf club i am already an evil potato mob lord

  • evil potato
  • even more evil potato!!!! >:[


Votes are public.


I think moderator and admin is gud. XD


for meh or for @Malie


It was new names for president and Vice President because that sounded weird. XD

Did you want to join?
If you did, what rank? (if it's over mod, then it's regular. XD)

Malie got moderator.
She is the last mod for awhile.


regular i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

the twenty thing ain't working right now


Okey! :D

To do the twenty twenty trick you now need to put > at the end.


Now I think occasionally we can give out regular, but for now, we need more new and members.


top secret

not lying
read inside

it worked but i wanted to do this too :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I'm going to do this pixel art because it's too cute and it has scarves. XD


thxs @Pingu and good night america!!!!!