The Everyone Python Group



I’m making this python coding club. I wanna share everyone’s knowledge, so everyone can learn python!


sbyp pleasssseeeeeeee


Well I’m making my own club.


Plus. I don’t really have to do that.


yes you do

stop making up rules (or in this case making up not rules)


Fine, I’ll call it, the Everyone Python Group.


it’s still a duplicate tho-



sorry if I’m using this wrong…
I’ve made a coding club for python!
I’m wanting to share my coding skills, and more!


Uh…you know this forum is for hopscotch.


Yes, maybe hopscotch was made with python?!


Maybe a small bit of python though. Since Apple apps are made with Swift.


The first part to learn is to write-print “Hello. This forum is for hopscotch.”


Not really. And we learn how to code that is used to make games in hopscotch.


You could open another coding club,though.(That is not another coding language)


Actually, as long as it relates to coding at all, it’s allowed

K bye


That’s rude and uncivilized.


I’m never going to actually see what you respond with because I’ve had you muted for a while now.


I’m leav. ing OMTL because I get tagged at leadt 3 times a day from you. Not trying to be rude I just am tired of getting tagged on topics that are lounged when I go to check it out. (I’m lea. vimg is censored?!)


Cool! Thanks for making this club, I don’t know much about python (or really anything about python) but I’d love to learn!


Is this a club that you can join? I really like coding with Python and I do it pretty much every day. If I can’t join, can I help out with something? :slight_smile: