The escape (Mega Game by Uptown Studios)


Hey Guys! I just published an awesome game called the escape on hopscotch! Please give feedback! (Constructive criticism allowed)
Here's the Link Some screenshots:


It looks amazing @UptownStudios!


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Thank you! Any comments on the gameplay?

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BTW Congratulations on Leader! :+1:


It looks so amazing! So amazing, that it's really hard for me to explain how much awesomeness that this game is in words! :D


Lol omg (insert acronyms here)


Nice! You have got a good game here!
But I would like to see more mechanics, like Increasing Difficulty (e.x Speed, more circles) Powerups, a limited number of Quadtonium (Say 1), make the Quadtonium have and awesome graphic explosion that clears all circles, and boss fights!
That's a lot to do...:sweat_smile:


@AHappyCoder I'll try XD! You can only use 3 Quadtoniums BTW


I would like feedback from:


I really like this game! I love how you can't just rest on one of the top or bottom edges!


It'd be cool if there was some effect to show you've done something in the game part, like an effect (like the difficulty buttons) to show you've tapped it, other than the releasing of quadtonium. It'd also be nice if the quadtonium was a bit bigger or faster, because it's somewhat difficult to aim. I think the spheres could disappear when you bump it instead of passing through, and there's a lot of things that would be more amazing with sound effects. Maybe the Quadtonium device could disappear when you release the last one instead of when you tap Release after you release the last one.
But overall, your game is awesome. I like how you need to keep tapping and the difficulty modes. I like the simple design and how much space there is for the game. I like that there's a way to take out the obstacles, and not easily.


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I am glad to have your new game brought to my attention. Out of FIVE(!) threads tagging me at the same time, this is the only one that specifically had any reason to do so, since the others were just rude mass-tags. So, I appreciate it, and I am going to give thit the thought it has earned.

This game is very nice looking and easy to control. With simple shapes and gray tones, it follows the popular trend of minimalistic, zen-form games having muted color schemes and no distracting frills. No silly megamoji (that don't really work anyway on my iPad) or pixel-art sprites that don't really gel-together. No comlicated attempts to represent characters that we just don't have. No backgrounds that try my patience and take an eternity to render. No stumbling attempts at music that always gets out of correct time. Instead, it sticks to what Hopscotch does well. I especially like is that it wasn't laggy. If it's not laggy on my device, then it must be coded right. It's the code that matters.

I really like the creative made-up words in this thing! :slightly_smiling:

I think if I were going to add something to this game, it might be to signal the player that he has accomplished something, every once in a while. Maybe, every 10 successfully avoided obstacles should be accompanied with a trophy sound or a background flash. To make the game more interesting and less predictable, I think I would also consider varying the speed at which the obstacles approach a bit more. another thought that came to mind was to have the height of the jump depend upon the location where the screen was tapped. You could, for example, say that the further to the right of the screen we tap, the higher we will jump. Or the left. Or top or bottom. It might also be interesting, if there were something one could do in order to earn additional lives.

Is any of that helpful or interesting?

Let me hit on something else. Nice games like this give us an opportunity to offer "feedback" on Hopscotch itself and on the features, or the lack of features, that hamstring us and put limits on what we can do with it. I could really pound this subject, but I'm gonna take a different appproach ans just say one word: SOUNDS.

Nice job!


This is awesome!! :smiley:


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Congrats! :smiley:


Update on this: I have added a function which automatically makes the Quadtoniums and button to release them disappear after you release the third one (values are hard :sweat_smile:) I am working on adding increasing sphere speed throughout the game... I am also going to add a signal to the player, as @oio said. when he/she has an accomplishment. For @Intellection74 and @AHappyCoder's power-up idea, I will most likely add these power-ups in the form of triangles coming in the waves of spheres, but only about once or twice every 7 or 8 waves. These triangles will most likely have circles inside of them that say, for example, +1. @GysvANDRegulus @Rawrbear @Gilbert189
Version 2.0 (with all of these features) will most likely come out around the 27-28 of February. (I might release it on Leap Day just to be annoying :stuck_out_tongue:) Thank all of you guys for your help!


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