The Epic Hopscotch contest



The Epic Hopscotch contest Contains 3 contests:

  • The Clash Royale contest
  • The graphic contest
  • The game Contest

The Clash Royale contest:

Make the coolest Clash Royale with hopscotch

The Prizes

The winner will get 1 follow, three free games by his/her request! Bonus: I will ask Liza to feature it!

The graphic contest

Make the best graphic


A PFP 1 follow 10 likes

Game contest

Make the best game


A free PFP, 2 games of your choice


Every project will be tested by Me and my brother

All the contests end on the 16 of June

Except the Clash Royale challenge ends on January 11 2018

How to join

Reply to this with the name of the contest you want to join


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@Milkypup lol
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Wow! What a great idea, I would love to join although I don't really have any ideas and I'm not really great at coding. Maybe put the OMTL in your post to advertise :DDDD

@blastfusion would you like to join this??




What do you mean by Graphic?


Like, a fancy image by trail art,


Or even by drawing,


Oh no! Low on batteries, I'll see the posts tomorrow


Ok, now I have 2%


I love clash royale (I'm in arena 10) but I won't be able to do this, because I have other things to do. Sorry


Even though I won't be participating... o think this is a really cool idea