The EP125 Project Page


Credit to @Yellow_Mellow for part of the idea :smiley:

Welcome to the EP125 Project Page! Here I will be posting links and a description of all my new projects I publish! All the project links will stay here, so you can looks back at them. You can give feedback on any of the projects! I will also be posting some of my WIPs (unless it is a HUGE project)
Okay, here are some rules-


1- Please be kind
2- Don't start flame wars


Old "Ads"

BB8 Pixel Art!
Link-I am the link
Description- This is a BB8 Pixel art. XD

Rainbow Spiral Thingy?
Link-I am Ze link
Description-So... This is a random rainbow spiral thingy that is movable. It is made completely out of triangles! It used 360 clones.

Rolling Ball
Description-I just halfway figured out Sine and Cosine, so I made a project with it! This is where it draws a bumpy trail and a ball rolls on it, then the ball goes backward, then forwards, and so on. It took a while to figure out how to make, but it was fun!

Color Changing Moving Spiral
Link-Hi! Me a link
Des- After TONS of messing around with code, I came up with this! A color changing, moving spiral of dots! It was SUPER fun to make, and in my opinion looks pretty cool.

That's all! Thanks!


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The first project is up! Next time I post a project, I will make an "ad" for it.


The pixel art is 100% cool
If not, 101%


Thanks! It means so much for somebody to say that! Sorry for the late reply!


Your projects are amazhang.




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Pretty well, I need to add the reward points next. :smiley:


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