The end to confusion!



Guys, so you know how weird it is when someone's last post is lower than the last seen? Like if it was last seen 2 hours ago but last post was 4 hours ago?
That's because they made a post 4 hours ago but they liked something 2 hours ago!!



I don't really understand you mean it says I liked A post 4 hours ago when it was made 2 hours ago?


It's like this:

See how it says she was seen 5 hours ago but posted 6 hours ago? Because she probably liked something or, since she's a leader, closed something, 5 hours ago. :D


Your last post is made when you post something new.

If you are last seen, you like something, flag something, etc.


My photobomb levels are on fleek! :D

The forums are typically opened in another tab for me!