"The End" of Hopscotch...?


oof hopscotch’s best Years was definitely around 2016/2015 lmao a ton of people were on and featured got like 10k likes lmao it was a peak for the app


then the update happened and people left and people got bored of the app




Back four years ago when I joined with my original ‘EpicDragon’ account, everything was flourishing with new and amazing creators. Funky was still making stuff, back with his original account, in fact, and everyone loved it here at Hopscotch.

Then, when I came back, everyone left. They grew up, they had jobs, they had families. No one was here to inspire new Hopscotchers. That led to remixes, drawings, role-plays, chatrooms (I never got how those worked), and more. Hopscotch became a social media. Then came the Hopscotch is not a social media posts. I left too, I had no interest in coding.

Then comes today, I remember all of the good times I had on the forum, all of the helpful and friendly people. Now all I see are END OF HOPSCOTCH!?!?! posts filling all of the pages.

I believe that the reason for the end of Hopscotch is that there is a new generation of people joining. All of the original people left. This new generation of Hopscotchers are used to having everything being handed to them, will all of their iPads and phones and whatnot. They see all of these good things, the adventurous ones try to replicate them, Almost no new ideas. The other ones remix them, and just change colors or something. Some people mistake this for some sort of little kid social media, and draw their pictures. Everyone’s gone.

Yes, I know not everyone is just a little kid, I’ve also seen lots of great drawings. But if you draw go to a place that was made for drawing. Sorry for this rant, and explaining my reasoning too much. But I just want to express what I believe.

I am officially leaving Hopscotch, along with the others. I see no point in making new things, just to be horribly remixed by little kids. I may go on or off from time to time. This is my goodbye.

EpicDragon August 2014-2015
EpicDragon2 August 2015- Thursday, April 12, 2018 9:55 PM EST

End of Hopscotch & Officially Leaving, Bye. 2014-2018

That was like 3 years ago?


Sorry for the revival but
I honestly think people just don’t have the time.
We probally also do need inspiration.
As for me, I am an artist on hopscotch, who does try to code.
I mean, I coded my art pad. But I do agree, we should find the core of this issue

If it’s motivation needed, code projects that could inspire? Maybe new possibilities tha everyone could use like how-tos.
If it’s no time, we should take our time, and not leave.


Thanks for reviving! I honestly forgot about this topic!!

I agree with all of your ideas. Part of the issue could be lack of time, and if so, we can take our time and make limited projects! That is fine, and at least coding is involved.

If the issue is lack of motivation, coding new and interesting project can inspire others.

If we figure out which of these ideas is the core, we can figure out how to solve the problem.


After reading this I decided I need to code something new
Just check my Gt for what I coded
It ended up ok actually lol
Artists should try coding their ocs. I think it would be fun