"The End" of Hopscotch...?


Lucy, the Hopscotcher

With her friend’s suggestion, the ten years old Lucy pressed INSTALL without a thought. She eventually sank into the world of coding, playing one game after one game…

Why shouldn’t she start coding and make games? Or eventually become a well-known great coder like everyone else?

The idea died down faster than an iPad on low battery.

Maybe Lucy could try to draw. She started taking art lessons since the year before. And great artists like OrangeScent were known and liked by almost everyone. There were many ways to gain recognition, and coding was only one of them.

Sadly, the young girl had no confidence in digital art. She drew well on paper with the directs of a teacher. But drawing on a screen was reaching to the moon without a rocket. She had very little hope in herself. OrangeScent was too talented fo be substituted. CodingGirlLucy was merely a small sparrow in the world of fierce eagles.

With the little hope the little sparrow had, she grew and flew her way up. Attempting to insinuate into popularity.

In the early of 2016, Lucy began her journey with her eye drawing contest. She came fresh with her username was changed to StarryDream, originally a name suggestion for another Hopscotcher. The contest went well with dozens of entries. She officially walked into the gate of the art community, but the road would be a long walk.

Taking requests would grant many reputation points. Lucy took as much as possible knowing that fame was coming on the way. She was rather proud of her style, though it looked very amateurish. Her effort paid her with followers, more likes, and friends in return.

She passion did not last, starting from 2017. Lucy’s passion and motivation slid. She was no longer determined, she no longer cared about the popularity on a small coding platform. Long Hopscotch breaks, forum friends, extra focus on school, exhaustion, angst, cynicism…

Now a teenager, when Lucy looks at the drawings she once took pride in, a scent of bitterness comes into her mind. Her change and growth was more than drastic. When she sees the dark haired girl with the blue clip, Lucy finds her shadows that were her. Her phases were all a part of her, but it is now impossible to go back…



Wow that explains it really well
Nice story, it’s awesome!


That was actually a really good story. I applaud you. I am not sure if many people know this about me, but I love creative writing and reading creative writing. That really summed up this whole issue in a nutshell.

I feel like the message of your response is that you think Hopscotch should target younger coders, maybe spanning from ages 6 to 11, rather than including 12 year-olds and teenagers. Correct me if I’m wrong…


O o f that took me a long time to write. I swear I will look at it in a few years and cringe.

I feelings about this whole thing are very complicated. Sorry if you fail to understand.

In a nutshell, 我无法用文字表达我的复杂情绪。


It’s ok.

Sometimes I cannot express my complex emotions with words either… :wink:


No, the purpose of the story is to express my feelings and stance towards the issues with my past experience. Hopscotch’s target audience indeed is young people aged 8-12. It has already been five years. We became teens and grew out of it. And I wanted to show how personal growth can affect our interests throughout time.


Understood. I think this story and your purpose behind it is something that should be shared with lots of people. I think the purpose, the fact that the growth of yourself as a person and how you change can affect our interests, including coding is a great reason why people are not as attached to the app anymore.
That is an amazing point and ties everything everyone has said so far together. So thank you for that.

Please like this if you agree that the story of @StarryDream should be shared with others. Of course, it will not be shared without your consent. And will stay strictly on the forum, obviously.


I don’t mind. I think my story should help others. I’d love people to have more understanding as well.


Yeah I believe maybe HS should have a old version


Yes, some grew out of it, others like me were sick of th lack of moderation and time to fix bugs

Well said


That’s what I think whenever I type anything


I think the thing that set everything off was the update they did a while ago, which completely changed the interface. This was a major reason why a lot of the good coders left Hopscotch, and made it more difficult for new people to start coding and get to the level that those who left were at. Those who didn’t leave as a result of the update also grew up, and lost interest/had no time. I really do think that the issue that’s keeping Hopscotch from not being what it was is the iupdate, because it’s just not right. People realized this, and it really does make it harder for new people to download and get interested in the app.

The other major reason is the trending tab, and the art. As some others said, these things made the app seem very much like a social media app, and so people joined and used it that way. Eventually, people also left because of the quality and number of quality projects decreasing. This was a direct result of the app becoming like a social media app. I don’t think there’s one cause for the downfall of the app. It was a bunch of things that happened all at once, or close to each other, and it completely overwhelmed the app and the people using it.


Yes, very well said

One thing in addition would be the lack of moderation and more bugs, taking longer to be fixed which made hopscotchers very impatient and frustrated.


When i first used Hopscotch, the app had no problems detecting 2 sprites being pressed/tapped at the same time.
When the new UI was made, the app no longer can cope with 2 sprites being tapped/pressed at once.
So this automatically makes a lot of projects unplayable (or play terribly) that were previously made.
Which is basically a slap in the face to all the affected coders who put a lot of effort into their projects.
There’s been no mention of this or an apology form THT.


They should really hire more staff or something, having one person cleaning bugs is unfair.


I think part of the reason to this was the addition of the Last Touch variables. Since there’s only one position they can point at, having multiple taps work would make it confusing.


Well it worked and wasn’t confusing when I coded for Phasestudios game.
This involved tapping a Sprite while pressing another, and it worked.


When self was added they nuked the app, speaking metaphorically.


Well, I think that drawing is easier for some Hopscotchers. And it helps gain way more attention that coding.


I just tested the “READY” app.
It was able to detect 3 sprites being pressed at the same time.
I’ll run more tests to see how many sprites it can detect being pressed at once.