"The End" of Hopscotch...?


Thats actually a very good point. Same with rpers. They have literally no excuse to use hs if they dont code or draw. I feel like every drawer should make their own artpad or at least attempt to. It seems like the most fun thing they could code seeing as they love art (i assume).


Ok so first:can I join your tag list
And second: not a lot of people have motivation to code anymore after MagmaPop left and many other amazing coders have left I think that people don’t wanna code anymore? Well there’s my opinion on btw I agree with ya!


True. Very true. I had that thought too.


I try to code…and everyone can code I started coding trail arts by using reference pics and and writing down my ideas and turning them into a code


I totally agree! It took me A LONG time before I understand the blocks and coding methods in hopscotch!


Even after I joined the forum, I didn’t get control blocks and variables for another 3 months or so, and it took me probably another 6 months on top of that to figure out HSB.


I chose other, because I can’t learn how to code more things without subscription, I can’t learn anymore, they want us to pay to learn.


What it is, is that people have grown out of coding and found other interests,
Many people seem to have interests in social media

The other thing I would like to highlight is the length of time for bugs to be fixed. It was a constant drag, and hopscotchers simply ran out of patience. Unfortunately I was one.


I think that art has been more recognized since #trending came back. It was relaunched with a “weird” algorithm, as stated by @awesomeonion herself.

I am the kind of person that doesn’t really care about this “problem” too much. I am on Hopscotch every day and I am happy as long as I code and have fun, which I do. For me, other people are free to draw and express their creativity, and it’s bad if artists on Hopscotch feel sad because people think that they have done bad things to the community.

Although, I do understand that people want more coding, and I would also love to see more coding, of course. I think that we should encourage people with things like coding contests (does anyone remember the weekly challenges?). I know that THT are busy, but this would be cool!

This is just my opinion though :slight_smile:


Good topic to summarize everything good job @Swati_Bang


This is actually a very good point you brought up. I apologize if someone brought it up earlier and I didn’t notice.

Do you all think that if the subscription package Hopscotch had was free, it would be easier to code and more fun?


I completly agree with your opinon, @William04GamerA


I think the major update had a HUGE impact on ‘The End’. The layout was much simpler and easier to use. The spacing between the projects also made a difference as well. Not that the update was totally bad but sometimes change isn’t good. It’s also to do with the subscription, in my opinion. If we were to have good tutorials for free, it would be much more motivational for users who don’t use money.


Exactly. Earlier, we had more tutorials and challenges that came at no cost. They were entirely free and had a huge amount of popularity attached to them.

However, we must understand that THT needs money to keep the forum and the app running, and the money they gain from school and individual subscriptions helps a ton!

I would say that we can keep the paid for subscription, but it would be great to bring back the free tutorials and challenges!


I think the fact that the old idol hopscotchers for code have mostly left makes people not have motivation to code


Wait, actually I just went on hopscotch and i think that the project quality really is the same.

There are just new popular members


Yeah, tbh I perfer the old interface can we have that back?


Yes definitely. It would make new coders be better coders, which will fix the ‘new coders’ problem


I totally agree! Part of me also kind of liked the old layout of the app with like those weekly challenges on a seperate tab and everything. It made me want to actually do those challenges more and participate.


I second this idea! (Well more third,)