"The End" of Hopscotch...?

Over the past few months, I have read over 30 topics stating that Hopscotch is ending because of the project quality decreasing, and so many users leaving.
I agree to scroll through Newest and you will only find remixes and drawing projects. Nothing with actual code embedded into it. (Not that drawing topics aren’t coded: the code into drawing topics are fairly easy to recreate… and not a challenge for most of us)

I am really interested in finding the core of this issue. I think what we should do, rather disagree with one another and fight about it, is to see why exactly the project quality decreased. I have seen a couple of really good points, so my plan is to create a poll and see where everyone stands on this topic.

  • Many good hopscotchers have left.
  • People have no motivation to code anymore.
  • No time to code (schoolwork, hobbies, etc)
  • OTHER - please reply and attach poll to your reply with your ideas!

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**If you chose the other category, please comment your idea(s) and leave some kind of poll/voting device so we can all vote on whether people agree or disagree with your idea!!!

If anyone would like to join me in trying to figure this out, you can let me know on more of a private basis on my general topic, which I will reply to this topic and link below!!



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May I join your tag list?


I’d like to hear why artists on hopscotch don’t code. I’ve mostly heard from artists that they don’t code because they aren’t good at it but that can’t be the only reason right?


Well it depends on the artist I do art and code


I think it’s just bc people don’t know how. People are confused by HS and can’t figure out how things such as advanced math blocks, control block, etc. work.

Those that do know how to code simple things get only a few likes…which I guess goes with the no motivation. I honestly didn’t have much motivation at first bc no one noticed ed the things I thought were “good.”

I think there should be a new user tutorial teaching you…

  • to hold down on blocks to find out more information about them
  • to crop your thumbnails

And I think the descriptions of the blocks should be better. Like, HSB, check once if, and variables make little since to a new coder.


That’s there only reason why XD.
They know that they are good at art and it gets them likes, so they don’t feel comfortable with stepping out and coding not so great projects.


I think the forum should be promoted too for more help like on the tutorial page like a sentence like this
“For more help from real HSers go on the hopscotch forum”
So they get tutorials and help


Well I guess I thought of a combatting point of that since the forum is not very hs related right now


persons who technically didn’t ask but are being tagged anyway: @MyPizza @Swati_Bang

As a person who primarily posted art, my coding projects were usually set off to the side because they wouldn’t get as much recognition as the drawings I posted. It wasn’t that they weren’t good (well, okay, most of them were of pretty low quality, but I did have four features), more that the community wanted to see art and NaturalArt contests, so that was what I put my time into.

I think with the integration of art, Hopscotch users have begun to treat the app more and more like a social media platform. What I mean by this is that they care heavily about likes and internet friendships, and to go even further they would rather scroll through Trending and hit a quick like button on something they can already see than take the time to actually play a project. That’s pretty sad.

I always had one or more coding projects in progress in my drafts, but as a busy teenager (eighth grade at the time, freshman now), time really was an issue (prime example: I’m composing this post during a short free half-period). It shouldn’t be as big of a problem for younger coders, though, who evidently have a lot of time on their hands.

Quite honestly, I don’t know if there was ever a definite switch from the “old” to the “new” Hopscotch. It’s been a gradual slip, and this makes it infinitely harder to find a quick solution. I guess coding challenges to boost morale would be a decent place to start.


Since theres no ‘all of the above’ i choose all of them


I just created a topic like this two days ago


I love your answer, @Serenity, and it really encompasses everything I want to do to help! It is also a great segway!

I actually, while on vacation, was busy thinking of a coding challenge that could really boost motivation. My biggest concept was basing it off of the popular television show The Voice. We could have 3-5 mentors, that can either be on or off hopscotch. Each mentor group will have 1 mentor, and possibly 3-5 hopscotchers, depending on popularity. Each mentor group can come up with a name and create a topic. The mentors, who are highly skilled coders, can help each hopscotcher craft the perfect project, based on the category given to them. Me, as well as a few other capable judges, can have the chance to vote on winners in each mentoring group. After, all of the mentor group members can help out the one winner (with a new category) defeat all of the other mentor groups! The winning contestant will receive a prize, along with the mentor and group!

If you are interested and like this idea, please fill out the poll!

  • Like this idea.
  • Dislike this idea.
  • Have more ideas that you can include! (comment below)

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I’m sure it would turn out great. That is a pretty interesting contest idea, tbh I’m even excited (a bit) :P


I’d like that is any HSer allowed for the contestant bc I want my friend to actually code and that may work!


To start off, I agree with Sophia.

A lot of new users do not understand how Sine and CoSine work and when it is explained, many Hopscotchers get confused. Although, I do not blame them for not understanding. Many of the new Hopscotchers are very young, I am not saying all but for the most part, they are younger and that means they have not taken as many math courses. To be able to understand how Sine and CoSine work, you need some background knowledge that most of them do not have; therefore, they do not use these two blocks.

Also, I think since a lot of very talented coders have left, there really isn’t that many people for the new hops to look up to. A lot of motivation comes from seeing something awesome and thinking, “I want to code just like that someday!” So, when no one who gives off that level of “wow” is there, no one has that motivation.

I could probably go on, but I don’t want to sound boring or annoying, haha. Hope this helped though.

my opinion, don't get a offended

I use to love going on Hopscotch and seeing all of the projects, but now when I go on, all I see are projects that are “ehh” and that aren’t very feature-worthy, imo. I am not saying these people don’t work hard, it’s just not as impressive as Valgo, Funky63, etc. Right now, I am working on a pixel art that I wouldn’t consider feature-worthy, but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if ended up featured because of the quality of featured. I know the curators are trying their best to feature good projects, but they just aren’t doing it for me.


Omg I haven’t been on in 2 years :o I’ve kind of lost my interest in coding… but not drawing!

I see that there has been A LOT of new people :)))

But yeah most people from like 2 years ago has moved on


I put other as in all of the above

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Ive read 31 now :eyes:

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To be honest, pretty much none of my previous sin/cos knowledge helped me learn CoSine… other than for drawing sin or cos graphs but i rarely did those.

Thats actually a very good point. Same with rpers. They have literally no excuse to use hs if they dont code or draw. I feel like every drawer should make their own artpad or at least attempt to. It seems like the most fun thing they could code seeing as they love art (i assume).