The End of an Era



Or, you can just ask us leaders :wink:

But cool, good luck with your “closing” project!



That’s what I thought


Yeah lol just in case some people wanted to close their gt an even number of posts


I understand. Good luck!


she didn’t

t7lks did


T7 is just as good.


@Dylan329 will wait until sunday
@SarcasticTvHead will do whenever ready


;-; last weekend of GT’s


Let me start saving posts


Yeah good idea!!


Compilation of Significant Posts

Significant Replies

Nice Forum Anniversary

Tips and Tricks
Projects that Began Here

Space Mission 2

Minigames 2

Device Guesser

Drawing Pad X

Topics that Began Here

Project JSON modification — Topic
While Making this, I just realized Forum used to be http not https :open_mouth:

The Hopscotch Webplayer

This is where my website originated, but unfortunately I cannot share the link to the topic or the site because that would be against the new community guidelines (for “privacy” I believe)

Hopscotch Gaming Competition ₃₄₃

Custom Tags Without Custom Groups

This Siri Shortcut Can Modify your Hopscotch JSON File | 𝓐𝔀𝓮𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮_𝓔

Me Being Me (Removed)
    Not related to this topic

Miscellaneous Memorable

I remember saying that, and I’m now remaking E-Pad!

When I wan’t Regular, this kept getting flagged and lounged, oh and I will probably revive that soon

Well, that was a fun forum trick

First Forum Trick Rick Roll

First Rick Roll

Quick List
  1. JSON editing topic
  2. E-Pad debugging
  3. Learning more about the forum (html)
  4. Color emoji
  5. Minigames 2 announcements and updates
  6. Hs website (can’t link anymore sorry - cool while it lasted)
  7. Precision is Key Coding Challenges
  8. Gaming Competition
  9. Device Guesser
  10. Drawing Pad X
  11. iframe and forum trick discussion and how-tos
  12. The webplayer topic
  13. Hinting at Siri Shortcut Topic
  14. HS font trick (Unicode characters in HS)…
  15. Webplayer Lag Test
  16. Custom Tags Without Custom Groups


Guys… it’s today… all gt’s have been closed… hope no more leave…


On your bio ig




I inserted on my website k?


Okie sounds good


Oh and made a topic lol


Lol it might be closed tho just heads up for that


@t7lks (don’t know where to tag…) there’s no voice nor face, just coding tutorials with music and titles! Hope that’s not too personal


It’s not t7lks’ choice, @t7lks is just here to enforce the rule