The End of an Era



We will see.


I mostly stand with THT on this issue

Though, I think users who are on hold should know why they’re on hold

Just my opinion…


Ana will get back to you.
It’s 4 am for her and you emailed her after midnight her time.
Give her time to respond, she can’t reply to you in the middle of the night lol,


I know m8

I am just saying in general (for people who are on hold)


Ana does tell them



Well, hit me with a brick then


I know it’s not easy to see, but they exist and should be brought up. As soon as you believe that it will go well, you begin to see the light in the plan. It’s clearly a huge change, but it is for Hopscotch. The forum isn’t supposed to have a different community focus, that’s all

It’s when I take a break from being busy complaining and consider how they think


4am? I always thought Ana was est time

temporarily stopped chasing gwe


I’m confused whether THT wants a large thriving community or a forum mostly dedicated to Hopscotch and coding. Because I fail to see both at the same time.


Likely the second. I’m sure they know that many people won’t be happy and will leave, but they want to focus it on code, as it’s branded HS Forum, not HSers’ place to chat


Then a smaller, less appealing community.


If that is how you see it, yes. A smaller, focused, and more serious community, however that may appeal


@Good-E’s (lmk if you want to join)

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I’ll sign up for that!


Edit! Edit!


Cool I’ll stat editing!


Do you just want 1k @Rodrik834?


Nope… The Whole PACK!!! (That sounded awkward lol)


Oh, well I don’t think that’s gonna happen, forum limits to one reply per 5 Seconds, so that would take 7.5 hours



Ok… then I’d like 1k