The End of an Era

I must say, this is going to be on of the biggest changes that the forum has seen since it opened. Like @Jojo said, this is going to be for the better, and we just need to see the light in what seems like the endless darkness.

It’s not all Losses

First, I’d like to make it clear that it is always THT’s decision in the end, as it is their forum they provide as a privelige to us. I have a huge amount of respect for their efforts on maintaining a great coding environment and shifting the forum become a place where people talk about code. It is very hard work for the team, and they now have to deal with the backlash. It makes sense why they are removing general topics and non code-related items. After all, it’s your forum and you chose to make it about Hopscotch, not a random chat room. This definitely marks the end of an era and hopefully this follows the vision of making a friendly code-related environment for users to get help with Hopscotch. General Topics are definitely something that we will remember as a community. Despite our differences, this will, believe it or not, bring the community together as well as teach us how to cope with losses or letting go of the past. Ana and the team are only doing this out of care for us, even though it may seem like an unfair punishment.

What’s my contribution to this?

Unfortunately, I am a little late to the game and do apologize for making a new topic, but I kind of want this to be a combination of @Jojo’s and @tankt2016’s Topics: a place to recognize the advancement that is about to happen to the forum. I have my fair share of things that began on my GT, and I will also miss it just like all of you guys.

Intentions of my GT, Why we Must Reduce the Massive Number of GTs

I really tried to keep my GT as a gt (general things topic) rather than a chat room. I have thought to myself a few times in the past year since my return: why so many gt’s? A one per user rule is still 80 per day to read through. When I was still trying to earn back regular, it was hard keeping track of how many gt’s I had to read per day. I’m glad that the team has a plan for the future in changing the focus of the forum and so should all of us

Is any topic ever 100% Code-related? | Asking for Appeals?

I have always tried to make sure that my topic stays code-related, and I understand that there are “some parts” that seem like spam and chat. But the thing is, that seems to happen with every topic, code-related or not, with their ups and downs. If you want to make exceptions for your general topic, make sure you tidy it up, and then maybe ask Ana by email or existing PM about why you think your GT should stay, but I must say: go in with no expectations of the outcome. I have done this because of the list of things that originated from my GT, where I talked about text rendering in different browsers (Minigames 2 wouldn’t exist otherwise), projects (such as E-Pad), and updates on Forum tricks. I know there are some things like my “bot” thing, but I quickly made quests, which are Hopscotch related, because they do give a challenge in playing a game someone made or to make something (e.g. get a featured in 4 Days). Ultimately, it’s not our forum to operate or our property and it is THT’S choice. We agree to this when we sign up!


I’d like to thank the mods and leads very much for their effort to take care of and deal with a community like us, and even with the whole community in frustration, I see what they’re are trying to do and I praise them on even trying to make such a huge change. The mods hare super busy because of this and the leads also have to help control the community’s reaction. It isn’t easy! If that means deleting our former gt’s, then what has to be done has to be done. I felt like making my gt only to conserve the number of topics created under my name and for general project updates, and I’d really be grateful if it can somehow stick around (even just archiving it would be nicer than a delete). Mods, I really appreciate your effort to change the forum for the better and fully embrace your decision. You didn’t have to even give us a warning, so I appreciate that you did so we can discuss and clear up rising concerns beforehand. I see the light amongst this mess of our community, and I love how you guys took this matter seriously and made a push for the better of the community. That really takes guts!Feel free to put highlights of your GTs in a small space in a post here about community contributions (not chat), copy+pasted as links will probably no longer work.

Small Summary

  1. This is a change for the better
  2. Respect the mods and their decision, it is their forum
  3. This is a learning opportunity. We learn to give up the past and move on
  4. The mods are super busy and only do this out of care. If they didn’t care, they would not do this and it would save them lots of work. But they did this for a very valid reason.
  5. I had my fair share of many things to remember, save them here if you wish under one main folder and a few sub folders.
  6. I had always used my GT as a place where all of my project updates go and to conserve space instead of making a topic for every Beta project.
  7. If you really think that your GT was super related to code, ask for an appeal, but with no expectations.
  8. Leads and mods have a tough job doing this.
  9. It may seem abrupt, by first came leaders, and this is actually a pretty slow phase out, believe it or not.

Replying Here / Rules

  • Feel free to put anything code and Hopscotch related copied from your GT here (all must be in one folder)
  • Don’t chat to one another; that is why gts are being removed
  • Encourage one another on why this is good news and why this change is something to be happy for :slight_smile:
  • Respect Everyone’s opinions
  • Don’t flag me lol (but seriously, don’t flag me or anyone else just because you don’t agree)
  • We will all miss our GTs, so there is no need to say “oh this sucks”. I feel for you guys to, but we just need to move on and encourage each other to think more about helping with code
  • Read Post 8

Fun poll:

  • Tag the omtl
  • They’ll find it alone

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Thanks @Awesome_E this is a great topic and should help soften the blow


Yes @Mindcool24

Thank you @Ana for editing the summary. I hadn’t specified that in my body paragraphs, but I forgot to put that gt stuff must be code related


Please make this code related @smurfy0000000 I don’t need this to close

Oh, right.

Do you like my projects?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Yes :slight_smile:
  • No :slight_smile:
  • Maybe :slight_smile:

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Wow, that was a lot of reading. But, it was worth it.
Nicely done with this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could I get a link to the original, leader posted, quote of that post?



Ahhhh none of us noticed that XD


Great topic

This should soften things up for those taking it hard

@blackseal i like your projects! can you tell me what hs account do you use right now?
reply with name only

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Yeah, I agree with you


No because it’s on a pm, but you can always ask Ana again here

I mean, honestly I don’t think these changes are really necessary. I haven’t been here a lot because this forum isn’t very appealing and I’m really just there to see the drama. I’m occupied in real life and I am more comfortable using other platforms.
You all can take this as a farewell or notice for inactivity.

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You made multiple assertions in your long posts and I don’t know how do you know for sure. But that’s the key of optimism, I guess. Always thinking something is for the best when you don’t exactly know.


a)Some people are just here for chitchat and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a unique community and we all have our friends here. Since we are not allowed to talk on other sites, I can’t expect many people having an attachment to this forum.
b)General topics have plenty of fond memories of so many people. It’s a little arbitrary to delete them at once.


a) it’s a coding forum. It was never intended for anything like that. This isn’t what THT wanted and they’re making changes. Which is fine
b) not deleted, archived and closed


I honestly have the intuition that it won’t go very well for obvious reasons. You?


I think it’ll go great, and I stand with THT.