The ELLA_13 topic!


@ella_13 is coming back tomorrow!
Ella I hope you see this topic
We all have to keep this topic alive


I know @ella_13 brother is sort of not nice


Why is this a big deal?


She was suspended and she is going to be back at 3:14 tommarow


I don't mean to sound rude but, what I said so cool about her? Don't hate on me.


She's fun.
And yeah, her brother is a teensue weensie bit rude. Maybe he was having a bad day


Thanks so much, especially for not hating on me !!


I don't hate you when did I say that


Course senapi!
Freedom of speech


I am like so out of it, but what is a senapi?


@Ella_13 can be mean sometimes, but once you become friends with her she's really nice! Same with @Tylerdabeast. I thought he didn't like me, but then he said I was a good role model, and I felt so good about that. (Thanks Tyler!)




No, I am friends with you. Remember!


Well a senapi is.. I friend you look up to!


Of course, thanks. I look up to you too. Now let's GBOT


What is that
Mr 20 characters, you are ANNOYING


Get Back On Topic.



okoe then
How are you this fine evening


Thanks for making this topix. I'm sure she will appreciate it

And this is to everyone. I'm sorrry if you thought I was mean or rude but it wasn't my intention. I came on here to have fun, instead a flame war started about Ella suspension . I tried to stay calm and not get involved. But eventually they "threw me off the cliff" and I cracked. Just think for a sec. how would you feel if everyone is saying how mean and awful your sister is? If a lot of people said that then you would get mad like me. I also felt like I was ganged up on. The thing about Ella suspension is that she was suspended for saying she was going to tell someone her last name but she never said that. She was considering telling them the first letter of her last name but nothing else, it wasn't a good reason to suspend someone but that's in the past.

Hey @Liza Ella and I would appreciate it if you would stop ignoring us. Ella''s email just shut down so can you maybe pm me the reason she was suspended so I can tell her. You sent an email to the email that was with the account except it was a throwaway account so we never got it.

I'm at a hotel and another room has my laundry, and a tropical storm is hitting on thanksgiving.


No problem

It's true times a million