The Editor - A Project Base


I spent a while creating this and after dealing with a serious bug (big thanks to @ThinBuffalo for helping with it) it is fully functional. Version 1.0 has been released.
So what is The Editor? It is a base I made for multi program designs. It is super basic to use, and you really need to just copy things and change their types and settings to develop with it. If you want to go a bit more into the code, there are a variety of custom blocks ready to be used. All I ask is you keep the intro and all credits the way they are.
Hope you enjoy!

I will edit the post each time I make a new version.
I am currently working on making a bunch of screenshots that explain how cuz a video tutorial is too hard

Mostly Blank Base:



This project is really cool! I think that @t1_hopscotch should put it on “Starter Projects”!


Thanks! I spent quite some time on it! Glad you like it!