The Editing Topic (Sprite Edits, Pre-Drawn Edits, Cover Art Edits, ETC)


So, I'm A Frequent Member Of The Drawing Topic. However, I Have Noticed That My Sprite Edits Recieve A Wide Amount Of Hate For 'Being Unoriginal', Or 'Plagiarism', When (1) They Take As Much Time And Dedication As Drawings To Match The Style, And (2) I Clearly State That They Are, In Fact, Edits. So I've Created This Topic. Here, You Can Post Whatever Edits You Desire. Maybe Even Make Friends! Here, I'll Post An Edit Of My Own First.

This Is An Edit Of The Fire Emblem Character Pieri's Hair.
And This Is An Edit Of Elise's Hair.
Now, Only Two Rules; No Hate/Spam, And Have A Good Time! :)


Actually, Editing Is A Completely Different Subject Than Drawing. I Have Attempted Putting This In The Drawing Topic, But I Got Hate For It.


There is already a topik for this. :slight_smile:
Not the drawing one.


Nice topic :3
Your edits are cool!