The DTA (Draw To Adopt) topic



The espresso machine hasn’t spoken:
This topic is approved.


i honestly dont care at this point. -__-


Here’s another


i’ll make some free ocs too,


i like dae :33 can i have her for free or do you want meh to draw her?


Hello, This is Yusamac.

I find this topic irrelevant to the forum and to Hopscotch. If you want to post drawing requests, please do it on the drawing topic so that we don’t clutter the forum. Please help us bring the forum back to Hopscotch.


um, it is related to the art topic but not exactly, if it was on the art/drawing topic everything would be cluttered and would be full of dtas thats why i did it on another topic just to focus on one thing about art. So people can only post dtas on here.


If you want to post drawing requests,
btw, theyre not drawing requests, dta stands for draw to adopt.


Well then, don’t specify in the first post that this topic is primarily for yourself.


in the title of the topic, it says by me, but anyone can do a dta on here.


I know. You specified it’s primary goal. Which was specifically your DTA.


yes!!! But theres other people posting dtas on here. I cant really explain anymore!.. :pp .__.


Hey @Ducks_Happy BestCoderInTheWorld as @ArtisticCoder here! I love your pic, but are you Ducks Are Happy on HS? Just curious. .


Yes I have three account Ducks are happy (extra) Ducks are happy(off) that me old account abns my currw t one Ducks are happy🌵


Wait what when where why r u still doing it plz what oml

IF your still doing it

Rapunzel like hair, red
Pink eyes
Dress like this:

Not the gloves tho
Purple heels
“European” skin
What should her name be hecc


So you admit that the primary purpose of this topic was for you to post your DTA.


Seriously. Just stop Yusamac. Why has everyone got so harsh on the newer forum topics? No one ever did this when I made a topic about drawing requests and OC adoptions.

So, Y please just stop


You can have her lol


Please stop boi it’s annoying


Well, apparently I haven’t see your drawing request topics… We have to stop cluttering the forum.