The dreaded like limit


ok that would be kinda bad…

I think giving regulars 450 likes and members 350 likes and basics 250 likes is ok


As I said before if they are caught abusing it then they get a limit…


Exactly. Two or three people spam liking could give one person 1,000 likes easily.


Oh ok whoops


i liek that. XD

it actually gets frustrating since I have quite a few genuine likes to give out but the like limit comes in…


How Many Likes Each Trust Level Gets
New user -
Basic -
Member - 100
Regular - 200
Leader - 300
Moderator/admin - unlimited
(Probably messed something up this is wiki)


I edited a few things in, if you don’t mind :wink:

Edit: changed a few things again xD


I thought regular got more than that.


I’m not sure
I was just looking through old topics, it probably changed now XD

I saw this


I have given and have gotten around 230 before. It might be 250 or so.


I’ve spam liked people on partybot and gave about 200 likes…
but they’re still a member…


Yeah you did that to me… thanks…


you’re welcome…XD

should I do it again? :thinking:

I spam like people on partybot and lose my likes for 23 hours though