The dreaded like limit


Okay, SBYP. I know, and I found some good topics, like this topic by t1. As you can tell by the title, this is a discussion about the like limit. I also saw some replies like, "There is a like limit so people don't abuse it" and "We are only supposed to like when we agree or really like someone's answer," but as t1 said, giving likes is a great way of encouragement to a lot of people. It also gets very annoying when you run out of likes for 8 hours then get only about 20-50 likes back, or when you use most of your likes in the evening and get a warning and the next morning, you run out first thing. I know that spam liking can get annoying to scroll through, but some people are extremely excited when they get 50+ likes from one person. Also, we have badges for running out of likes, so do they want us to run out? If the limit went away, the badges would too. Vote for your opinion:

  • There should be no limit
  • There should be a limit but we should have more
  • Our likes are fine right now
  • Other (reply with your opinion)


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I do agree on this, even though I almost never like anything. But for the people who do, I think there shouldn't be a limit. Why is there a limit on likes anyways? I can't really think of any reasons why.


You may notice my vote; by more, I mean like twice as many.


I think our likes are fine right now, we have about 130 a day for basic/members. And then regulars get about 230.


But for a spam liker......... you know how much I like.


Well yep....


And it is not just you that I spam, so if I feel like it or am bored, I will spam 2-4 people.


Yes, I'm aware. You spam KayKat and some others too.


Kay Kat does not post enough, so I move to FearlessPhoenix, DECODECO, PIANOMAN, and sometimes codingCupcake123. I do think we should have a limit though.


I think that we shouldn't have a limit. I know that there are reasons that we should have a limit, but for me it gets really annoying when I run out of likes. And that happens a lot.


Tbh ive only hit the limit once when i was at a lower trust level but i could see how it might be annoying for others. I think the positives would outway the negatives of getting rid of the limit


I can roll with a limit, but I'd like it better without one.



I don't think there should be a like limit, it's sort of pointless. XD


does it matter


Yeah thanks for linking :slight_smile: I was looking this up too:

Hmm I have heard that if there isn't a limit, likes sort of become meaningless (you could then like every post or like lots of posts, but does that give any distinction of posts' quality? Not that I weigh posts by value or anything, but Discourse uses metrics such as these e.g. for calculating the Top topics etc)

But it is frustrating when you want to give more likes and you run out. When that happens to me, I start using bookmarks so when I have likes again I can come back later. Then it turns out there is a bookmarking limit...


I did not know about a bookmarking limit. When I run out of likes, I just bookmark where I stopped liking that topic. I usually like all of the posts on certain topics (unless they are mean or rude). I guess likes could be meaningless, but I think we should have more.


Sam, one of the members of Discourse, said something similar. If everyone had infinite likes and could like every single post that is created, then likes become meaningless. Just like how if everyone in the world had an infinite amount of money, then it would be as valuable as dirt. The point is, likes are "valuable", which means that there has to be a limited amount of them, in order to maintain balance.


There is? I did it know that.


Less valuable than dirt.


I think you should get as many likes as you want but if you are caught abusing it then you should get s limited number. Or maybe Regulars get unlimited like and basics and memebers get none…