The Drawn/Coded OCs Topic!

This topic is for sharing your coded/drawn OCs on Hopscotch. You may ask: What is an OC? Well, an OC is a character you’ve created yourself. OC stands for Original Character. Don’t have one and need help creating one? Well, you’ve come to the right topic page! Ask anyone here for inspiration. You can also have people rate your OCs you’ve created (by coding or drawing)! Happy OC making!

Forms for the topic:

Name of your OC:
Human or animal?:
Coded OC or drawn OC?:
Date of OC creation:
What inspired your OC?:
Name 2-3 things about your OC:
Details of your OC:
Any other things?:


(please insert the last form here if needed)

(place an image of your OC here if wanted)

–Please rate my OC from 1-10.–

If you need help, please contact me on here by doing @KaardoSlush if you need me for anything. Thank you.

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hey coding part sounds good :sunglasses:
so here’s where you help people code their own?
be sure that drawn ones are shown through project links - on their coded art pads - or as a portfolio over in this topic!


You might want to tag a large group so you get more voters @KaardoSlush


This sounds cool


Cool idea! Everyone who participates must have a clear watermark of their username, so their artwork is not stolen. I hope you get some artists participating in this! I would participate, but I have learned long ago that I’m better at art when I’m doing it on paper, and doing it on paper would be not allowed. But I hope some digital artists interested, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing artwork that will be created.

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