The drawing apps topic!



This is a topic for the different drawing apps people used! I've searched before I posted, and there's nothing like this topic. So, this topic is for people to recommend drawing apps to others! If you prefer hopscotch drawing that's ok! If you do, though, say which drawing pad you use! So, I really recommend tayasui sketches pro because of all the different drawing tools, and also Adobe illustrator because it's interface seems much "cleaner" than others I've seen. For hopscotch drawing pads, I personally like my own, although of course that's just bias. We2fd's drawing pad is cool, too, and I took some layout ideas from her pad. So, which drawing apps or pads do you like?


I see how this is related... but Yu can talk about this in the "Drawing on paper compared to an iPad" topic. It's probably going to be easy to find since it's so popular :D