The DragonQueen Topic(Art, collabs,contests)


Hello! Welcome to my topic! Please don't complain, I have reasons. XD
Here I will sharing my daily art, which I don't do on the Art topic. It's a little more exclusive. Also, you can plan collabs, ask questions, or have a conversation with me on here! I will do Q & A ** for anyone. You can also post **Fan Art! I GREATLY appreciate positive questions, collabs, and Fan art!
So, Thanks for reading!

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Sorry if I missed anyone! :wink:
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Topic inspired by @Fox!

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Official 3)

Cool! Can't wait to see the art!


Hi, DQ! We still haven't made that book yet. Wanna talk about it here? Just wondering. :wink:
P.S: I'm making a new creature!

Sneak peek here!


Hai @DragonQueen3! It's awesome that you made a topic like this! Can I ask a few questions?

If so, here! :smile:

-what inspires you to draw?
-what is your favorite drawing you've ever done?
-what's your favorite project you've ever made?


DQ, where are you?

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You like Scooby doo to? XD


Yeah, I like it, but i don't like the plot so much. ITS THE SAME THING EVERYTIME. Mystery, lots of crazy stuff, Scooby snacks, uses a trap to catch bad guy, you meddling kids.
(Lol, ok let's go back on topic XD)


I know but the new ones r better but we should GBOT


(Ahh! I don't know what that stands for!)


Brb, I gtg I'll be back in like 10 minutes.


That'd be great! Also, love the creature! (Will post art soon!) Sure! What creatures do you want to use? Do you have any ideas?


I don't have any ideas, but I did post something in our little chatroom in DTMC that we could use, but it isn't the best idea.
P.S: If we do make a book about our creatures, I wanna feature the Slunder.


Thanks for the questions!
-I'm normally inspired by my dreams and imagination. I see many creatures I've made in my dreams, and dragons and wolves that I now made into characters! (Cinder, for example!)
-I think it would be my Cave Guardian dragon! This one took the longest of most of my sketches. If you haven't seen it, it's this one:

My favorite project-I'm not sure, but it's probably one of my coded games. I can't choose! XD

Thanks for asking! I'm glad to answer these questions, @Dude73, I also like your projects! :3


That drawing is so amazing!

And thank you so much! :blush:


Brb, I'm going to type some more things on the Slunder, just in case. I will check every so often.


GBOT, it means Get Back On Topic which we should do! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, ok.
(Did you just make that abbreviation up? Lol)


(Sorry, had to go) AAHHH! I made a creature called a Brindol but the image won't uploadddddd!! I was hoping they could be in the book!


Nope. XD :3 :smiley: :wink: :blush:


Ok! Maybe if you can make the pic a bit smaller.
I'm hardly done with the things about the Slunder because my grandparents came over. I'll work on it more when I can.