The Dragonfruit Kingdom



Hello peeps this is the wonderful topic where we discuss our love for dragonfruit

Don’t worry we mightwill code dragonfruit’s

Also we will never team up with the watermelon club because your leader insulted dragonfruit

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Our majestic mascot

I also drew a dragonfruit style dragon I’ll post it in a minute


can i draw a dragonfruit styled furry thing idk???


Do what you want this is the dragonfruit kingdoooom


Grab the essentials,
Just grab a dragonfruit and go!
It’s like an apple but it tastes better!
All your nutrients packed in one letter!
It looks really cool!
Nature’s jewel!
The seeds they add a crunch!
Blend it in with your fruit punch!
Green spikes!
Pink shell!
Little seeds!
Fulfills all your needs!
The flesh even comes in two colors!
Dragonfruit! Buy today!

A poem I posted on the watermelon topic that sadly went unappreciated




Ooh, I love watermelon.


Get out


wrong place, buddy


@AwesomeNachos thank you for fixing the title (can’t find a dragonfruit emoji)


I’ve never had dragon fruit.
Sounds nice though. What do they taste like?


Like an apple but better


i know a recipe for dragonfruit ice cream


Cool I’ll join


Mm please share

Also gobli your in


Don’t ask about the headstone in the background


make a list of members pls sire
oof this took so long u didnt make the list yet lel

hres the recipe:
ingredients: 1/4 cup dragonfruit chunks, 1/4 cup pureed dragonfruit, 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 1/4 cup sugar

instructions: combine all ingredients into a blende (except the dragonfruit chunks) and blend until it is a consistency you like. pour into popsicle mold, and place dragonfruit chunks in each popsicle. freeze for 2+ hours


It sounds good except for the chunks




I’m just saying having the chunks sounds kinda weird

Like how I don’t like chunks in yogurt