The Draft and old project challenge!


Right now, I have too many unfinished drafts and nothing to code, so I'm making this challenge!

There are two ways to do it:

Method one:

If you have a lot of drafts unfinished, swipe up, and land your finger on a random one. Then, finish the draft!

Method 2:

If you don't have a lot of drafts, swipe up a few times and land your finger on one of your old projects! Either update that project, make it better, or code something more to it, and publish!

I hope this gives you coding ideas and something to do!

If anyone does it, you can post it here! Let's make this a popular challenge!

How to get over coders block!

Great Idea! I have so many unfinished drafts!




This is such a great topic!
Good idea!




So I get more people to do this challenge:



I was about to go and work on my ridiculousness test....



I just unwilling deleted a bunch on purpose :confused:




Great topic! I think I have at least 50 unfinished drafts.



Same lol



well good idea!!!! i like it !!!!!


I dun wanna do it
Because im too lazy to

^^ Rudolph the red nose :p
Yes yes I already know its not near Christmas at all xD


I have a draft and it is kinda a movie.