The Dos and Don'ts of Hopscotch



Do: Branch to learn
Don't: Branch for likes like lotteries
Do: Help people when they have real evidence of something bad, like XiaoMiaoMi's friend
Don't: Help people when they say "I have cancer :tired_face: like if you care" if they are truly faking
Do: Use other's work to help your own
Don't: Steal another's work and claim it as your own
Do: Put hard work into each project
Don't: Make chats and RP's or beg for likes
Do: Try to make every project worth a feature
Don't: Complain about everyone else having one
Do: support everyone
Don't: be mean
Do: be nice
Don't: troll
Thanks for reading! :wink:
Also, reply if I missed one.


Good topic!

Do do do don't don't ahh!! It's haunting me!


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