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This event/competition/challenge is started by me (@DogIcing) and all the currencies, rewards, and prizes are handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the Latest Collabs, Requests & Competition Topics, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Welcome to my shop!

What are Shop Tokens?

In this shop, Shop Tokens are a way of calculating your payment, allowing you to use multiple currencies to purchase an item. Here’s a conversion chart:

Shop Token




2 Shop Tokens

2 Seeds

5 Balloons

1 Mushroom

Details About Seed And Mushroom Payments

If you are purchasing using seeds, the total will be rounded UP to the nearest 1 seed(s).

If you are purchasing using mushrooms, the total will be rounded UP to the nearest 1 mushroom(s).


Price (shop tokens)


Custom Drawing

Visit <a href=“”>Customise for customisation options

| 3 Shop Tokens


Custom Trail Art

Visit Customise for customisation options

| 4 Shop Tokens


Custom Shape Art

Visit Customise for customisation options

| 6 Shop Tokens

| 5 Shop Tokens

| On my Forum Profile Bio for 48 hours or more. | 3 Shop Tokens
Delivery time
Delivery Time Price Delivery type
Due to personal things, up to 3 weeks. Complimentary (free) Standard
Up to 2 weeks 5 Shop Tokens Quicker

Order Form:

Your Hopscotch username:
What do you want to order?
Describe you want me to make (theme, subject, mood, etc.):
Delivery Type:
Do you have any special requests or questions?
Do you agree to pay me half of the price now, and then the rest when I’m done with your order?

Trail Art Portfolio

My season (summer) #HWC by Dog Icing

Poké Ball pixel art by Dog Icing

Trail Art - Park by Dog Icing

For: CupcakeTheCoder - Trail Art Request by Dog Icing

Drawing Portfolio


Leaf? 🌿 by Dog Icing

Shape Art Portfolio

Sewerage plant by Dog Icing

Thanks for visiting my shop :slight_smile: .


Balloon Sale

2 Shop Tokens now equal 10 balloons

Used to equal to 5 Balloons

Sale ends 19:00 AEST


btw 1 ballon is the equivalent of 10 seeds

So that’s basically 100 seeds


That’s a little pricey


1 shop token = 1 seed.

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So thats basically 0.1 balloons

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1 seed = 2.5 balloons

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10 balloons is 100 seeds

So how is that a sale?

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It’s a sale to encourage using balloons.

Correction: 10 balloons = 50 seeds

Its specific to balloons only.

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Balloons anyone can use and are managed by Rawbear. So you cannot just say 10 balloons are 50 seeds.

10 seeds = 1 balloon.

Note You cannot exchange 10 seeds for 1 balloon


I’m not converting any, let me just make one thing clear: The preferred way of payment is balloons. That’s why the other prices are high so that people are more inclined to use Balloons.


That’s okay - as an owner of a shop, you’re totally allowed to change how you price your products with any currency. Since DogIcing prefers balloons, they can make commissions for seeds more expensive if they would rather have balloons, for example! :+1:


Balloon Sale

2.5 balloons now equal 2 Shop Tokens

This sale was supposed to come earlier… sorry…