The Discussion About TheAwesomeBoi’s New Game | Minecraft HE



@pomtl I’m creating a Minecraft hopscotch edition on hopscotch! And I need some code help, and such as motivation. Also meet Tony the Minecraft Stickfigure! . -. <—- tony

Anyways... here’s some images of the game so far!



I love the language selector. That is very helpful for people who want to read it in Spanish or something.
I could help with tips on the graphics if you want.


Thanks! I thought the language selector was genius! I might put in Japanese at one point as well. Also what tips do you have?


The language selector might be too much. Have you seen people on Hopscotch that doesn’t speak English or Spanish? Also, the selector might make the game more laggy. When making a game, always remember to make the concept first, then put the add-ons, otherwise you might not finish the game due to frustration.


Thanks for that! But, I rather figure that out myself!


Also, the script for changing languages, just changes a variable, and the text boxes are checking for the variable number, to pick what they say!


Ok, but I’m still warning you


I don’t get why that would be laggy!


If you add anything, big or small, it all adds up.


Idea: whipping cream.


This looks like a good game! I’ll nominate it when you finish it.
Also, have you put the inventory?


I’ll work on that till I get the main mechanics done!


I’ll be releasing it right now, but it’s only a layout for the game! So please tell your friends!


@pomtl! Here’s a layout of my new game! Please give me suggestions, and tips for better quality of the game…


That’s a good game! When will you finish?


Maybe next week? I’m not sure… because I just got addicted to playing Minecraft again, so I might not work on it as much…


Btw, I just got diamonds… so that cool…


Remember to share your MC creations on my minecraft topic, ok?


Ok! I’ve made a farm! And a organized mine, and a animal pin, and got some iron block, and such on!


Add spiders. And take away the emojis.