The difference between BOT and bot!



This was made for a clarification. BOT and bot are spelled the same, yet mean different things. This is where you can learn which is which! :smile:


This form of the word is an acronym for Back On Topic! That's why each letter is in capitals! Now for the other one.


This word is not an acronym. It's actually a robot. You know the one the keeps on closing topics (especially the drawing one!) and starting bot wars? Yes, that's the one. Bot is just a short name for robot.

I hope this clarified things! :smile:

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Hi! I am New! 😊
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This will be big help to people that just recently joined the forum! This is like a SBYP kind of thing! :D


That's mainly why I created this! To help newbies!


Wasn't there a featured bot wars project? Do you think the creator was referring to the forum!?:open_mouth:


That's why I prefer saying
GBOT instead of BOT, because they can easily get mixed up. (And I am superstitious when it comes to the bot)
And you will be seeing this most on the drawing topic.


I think I might make a Hopscotch dictionary. If I do, I'd include this. Or I could make a quote thing that says "BOT before the bot comes". Non-forumers would be so confused :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! I kept getting bot an BOT mixed up and now I know which is which! (I am a newbie, joined a week ago)


Welcome to the forum! And yeah, it's easy to get mixed up, so don't worry!


Although it is easy to differentiate GBOT sounds like GET BACK ON TOPIC! And comes across rude some times!


No problem! Lol that's why I made this!


Hey guys I came up with a easy nice way to say get back on topic it's...


It meens let's get back on topic!


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