The "Destroy Object" block [CLOSED]


It’s just editing the JSON files used to store Hopscotch projects. JSON is just a way of storing stuff that

{"looks like": "this", "and uses": ["a lot of quotes","and a bunch of other stuff", "but mostly quotes"]}

You can access hopscotch files either by plugging your iPad into a computer, getting them from your files on your iPad (on my iPad, hopscotch, json_projects), and @Awesome_E made a really cool Siri shortcut to let you edit the most common things you’d need to change.

The easiest way is the Siri shortcut I was telling you about earlier. There’s instructions in the first post of the topic. I’ll get you a link to it.

Not at all! It’s basically just changing a bunch of numbers and text.

Siri shortcut: