The "Destroy Object" block [CLOSED]


I want to have access to the “Destroy Object” block. I know that “Destroy Object” is a hidden block that can only be accessed via JSON editing. I don’t know if this can be a topic for a forum, but can someone tell me what JSON editing is, and how to use it to get the Destroy Object? Also, is it difficult to learn JSON editing?



It’s just editing the JSON files used to store Hopscotch projects. JSON is just a way of storing stuff that

{"looks like": "this", "and uses": ["a lot of quotes","and a bunch of other stuff", "but mostly quotes"]}

You can access hopscotch files either by plugging your iPad into a computer, getting them from your files on your iPad (on my iPad, hopscotch, json_projects), and @Awesome_E made a really cool Siri shortcut to let you edit the most common things you’d need to change.

The easiest way is the Siri shortcut I was telling you about earlier. There’s instructions in the first post of the topic. I’ll get you a link to it.

Not at all! It’s basically just changing a bunch of numbers and text.

Siri shortcut:


It’s Petty the Supreme Leader!!! Thank you so much for helping me!

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