The day I got: Coded (revised)

The day I got: Coded

Chapter 1: Noob

So, I'm pretty much a noob to hopscotch. But for some reason, a person with noob in their name, is somehow the best coder ever. I try so hard to make good projects, but then I fail so hard. Anyway, my name is Fianna. Fianna the-noob-that-fails-so-hard-at-coding. I joined hopscotch 6 months ago, and the most likes I have ever had is 20. My username is FiFiYass
and I have 30 followers. Eh who am I kidding, I don't even know because hopscotch deletes all my notifications. I have been on the hopscotch forum for about a month. I have made a couple of friends, and I am literally obsessed with it. Oh, gtg, I need to check the hopscotch forum.

Chapter 2: Chucked
ILuvie’s General Topic
@KayKay: Hey ILuvie, what's with the weird name?
Omg, this girl is being kinda mean…. *I thought.
@FiFiYass: Hey, @KayKay, maybe you shouldn't say it’s weird, maybe she likes it.

@KayKay: Maybe you should keep your nose out of my business.

Okay, that's it. We are about to have a problem. *still thinking.

@FiFiYass: Well excuse me for trying to stick up for someone.
@KayKay: Yeah excuse you maybe ILuvie doesn't need anyone to stick up for her.
@BillieRocks: Hey guys let's calm down.
@DizzyDuck: Yeah, please this is annoying.
@FiFiYass: Guys we are trying to talk this out can you please bud out for a second.
@KayKay: @DizzyDuck, @BillieRocks, I don't know what you guys are talking about. @FiFiYass, just lashed out on me.
@FiFiYass: What?!?! You were just being mean to @ILuvie!!! Guys you see that right???
@BillieRocks: See what? I just see you lashing at @KayKay.
@FiFiYass: You little devil @KayKay!!!!! You deleted all my posts to make me look bad!!!
@DizzyDuck: Hey!! @FiFiYass!!! You shouldn't her a little devil!!! @KayKay is innocent!!!!
@BillieRocks: Yeah, why are you being mean?
@CakesandRoses: Hey, I don't know what's going on here, but I'm not sure it's nice. I'm going to close this topic.
:lock:Closed by @CakesandRoses 2 min ago
Oh. My. Gosh. Have you ever got that feeling where you get so mad but then when you cool off you feel scared? Well I just had that. @KayKay is a little sneaky devil that seeks to ruin people's lives. I will never talk to her again. And @BillieRocks and @DizzyDuck? I'm ignoring them too. I cannot believe they fell for her trick!! Did they seriously I would just lash out at someone? They know me better than that!!!!! :scream:!! My rep will be trashed!! Everyone is going to see that fight!!! I'm going from Fianna the-noob-that-fails-so-hard-at-coding to Fianna the-very-lonely-noob-that-fails-so-hard-at-coding. My life, my work, my rep has just been chucked.

Chapter 3: Bully
I was looking at hopscotch today, and someone posted #StopFiFithemeanie.
I looked at the project, and it was made by KayKay. It said: Today, I was bullied by FiFiYass. She yelled at me on the forum, and called me a devil. She is bad, and you shouldn't follow her, or like her projects. To support me, like all my projects, and remix this to stop FiFiYass.
I literally screamed. And I went and posted a reply saying: Are you kidding me? You are asking for likes, and you are framing me!!!!!!! You- ughhhhhhhhh. I didn’t lash out at you, you were being mean to someone else!!!!! And I was standing up for them!!! And you got mad at me!! Then you deleted all your posts to make me look bad!!!
It got no likes. In fact someone else posted in reply to me saying: You are a bully. Then another person remixed it saying: Hey back off mea.nie!!!! Then: Hey get off of hopscotch!!!
Then, my projects that had only 15 likes, went to 0. I went into a corner and cried. KayKay, has officially ruined my life.

Chapter 4: @mysterious
I was on the forum today and I was PMmed by a guy named @mysterious. The message said: I know what happened. The real story. I can breach into THT system and undelete KayKay’s post. On one condition, you have to make me popular. Got it?

And I pmed him back saying: Uh, who are you? Isn't it illegal to breach into a company's system? How can I trust you?

He pmed me back: I'm @mysterious. Are you dense? And, its only illegal if they know I broke the law. How can I trust you? Enough said. You have 3 days to make me popular, and I will give you back your rep? Deal?
I pmed him back: Wait what? I don't know who you are and this could be a scam!! I can't trust you!!

He pmed me back: Well if you dont accept this deal, you will be suspended for a long time, everyone will hate you on hopscotch, you won't have a rep, and inevitably your coding future goes down the drain. No pressure.
This guy is good. I might as well trust him…. *I thought
I pmed him back: Ugh. Fine then. But you better keep your word.
He pmed me back: I'm @mysterious, you never know.
As I was going through my state of misery, I decided to change my profile picture into a sad face. Then I saw the dreadful words:
“This user is suspended for 12 hours, September 13th, 3:04
Reason: For being extremely mean to KayKay.”
I swear I am going to k.ill that girl.

Chapter 5: THT’s email
I finally decided to take a break from hopscotch, well until my suspension was over. I was play Rolling Sky, then I got that notification chime. At this point, I dread notifications. I look at my email and it was from THT. I figured it was one of those annoying promotions and update emails, but it was something much worse.
The email read:
Dear FiFi,
I am sure you have heard of the bad news. You have been suspended. And if the reason wasn't very clear, let me explain it to you. You have been quite mean to KayKay over the last couple of days, and we have gotten many complaints from her and others. She has told us that you have been ad-hominem attacking her and lashing out at her for no reason. These things go against the community guidelines, which of course need to be followed to stay on the hopscotch forum and hopscotch. We have not suspended you for very long, but please know we will not tolerate this behavior. In addition to this suspension, we are giving you the permission to Private Message KayKay apologize to her for being mean. You may NOT use this privlage to PM anyone else. If you do, you we will suspend you for longer, and by longer we mean about 2 weeks. We hope in the period of these 12 hours you have thought about your actions and have decided to fix them. Have a nice day!
Sincerely, THT
I have no words. This is completely crazy. I need to get @mysterious popular. Fast.

Chapter 6: You Gotta Be Pop-u-oo-lar
So, after my 12 hour suspension was over, I officially had about 2 days and a half to make @mysterious popular. I don't know how I'm going to do this, but I'm going to need help. Popular people like @FizzyCola and @Happyfeet took forever to get popular. And I mean years. So, I went into a scenario topic and wrote a “theoretical” scene saying:
If you were pmed by a random person and
they say they can help you be un-framed if you make them popular, and you have to do it in 2 days and 12 hours, would you help the person who needs to make the random pmer popular in 2 days and 12 hours?
I think after I posted every conversation came to a screeching holt. I really think everyone left the topic at that point. But there was one voter, and their name was @BubblyHappySpark. That one vote sparked the one last bit of hope I had.

@BubblyHappySpark: I would TOTALLY help a fren in need!!!! I mean strangers are frens you haven't met!! Quote from Star vs. The forces of evil. I love her sooooooo much!! I think she is totally like me!!! I think she looks like me!! Wait isn't it creepy to have a person look like you.. Oh my gummy bears a cartoon looks like me!!! But what if everyone hates Star? Oh no!
@FiFiYass: Umm, okayyyyyy. This might sound completely crazy, but this scenario is true.
@BubblyHappySpark: Nothing is ever crazy!!!!! Its just not like everyone else!!!! Like me. Sadly, @KayKay told everyone that I was crazy because of my bubbly personality, and now no one talks to me. I forgive her though!! I mean you have to forgive people, because people aren't perfect like rainbows and unicorns because rainbows and unicorns are AMAAAAAAZZZIZIZING!!!!!!
Backstory, willing, same problem? I think this might just work. All I have to do is bring the rage out of her. *I thought
Chapter 7: Work
So @BubblyHappySpark and I secretly devised a plan on the forum. (No one saw because no one came into or commented or liked any of the posts the two outcasts were in). We decided that since we were the outcasts, we might as well use it to our advantage. I made a fake account and named it @RainbowGummySparkle (as you can see @BubblyHappySpark came up with it.)

@RainbowGummySparkle: @FiFiYass is mean!!! She did something to my friend on the forum!!! Their account is @mysterious. She made him feel so bad that he quit hopscotch and deleted his account. He’s coming back to today so lets give him a warm welcome.
@BubblyHappySpark: I saw it all, before it got deleted. It was so sad. It almost made me cry. And I NEVER cry.
@KayKay: I’m not surprised at @FiFiYass.
I wanted to literally smack her through the motherboard, but at the moment I was undercover.
@Finnisfun: Yeah lets welcome @mysterious!!! Booo @FiFiYass .
@BillieRocks: @mysterious!
@FiFiYass: @mysterious!!
@DizzyDuck: @mysterious!!!
@hihihi: @mysterious!!!!
@mysterious: Hi guys!!! Oh i didn't expect so much welcome!!! I finally recouperated. And I think I'm ready to move on. If you want to talk more about my issue with @FiFiYass, please join me in my general topic: Surviving the b.ully.

Yes yes, mysterious was throwing dirt on my name, but in the end I will be pulled up from the dust. I mean, I hope I will. I'm not buried too deep, am I?

Chapter 8: Blown up
So, like I promised, I blew @mysterious up! After 2 days he was most popular on the forum. That whole sentimental garbage story I told the forum actually worked! I mean everyone completely hates me, but they won't when the most popular person on the forum tells them that I was the victim and I got my reputation trashed by a low down, dirty, conniving, manipulative rat!

I used my last chance to PM @KayKay on mysterious.

@FiFiYass: Hey! I made you popular. Its been about a week!! Where is my come back from you?

@mysterious: Well, I'm popular now. So saying that I lied about @KayKay b.ullying me, it'll make my popularity go down. So I dont think I can help you with your comeback.


At the moment, @KayKay doesn't seem so bad.
@mysterious: I'm @mysterious, you never know.
@FiFiYass: You know what? Thanks for all of that. Now I can tell people who you really are, MYSTERIOUS.
@mysterious: You wouldn't. You couldn't. Because I'm so popular I can just tell people you photoshopped it. They'll believe me, because they practically worship me.
@FiFiYass: You're sick.
@mysterious: Hey, you're right I am!! Its something called being a genius. Cough, catch it because you definitely dont have it.
I threw dirt on my name. Just to expect a person to wipe it off after I threw dirt on my name for them. But of course, plot twist!! That person leaves me to wallow in my dirty name and doesn't help me at all. I don't care if I get suspended, I now have to cleavers and to names to break in half. CA-CHOW.


@kaykay is my old acc

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