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hm… how about I give you more? >;DDD


Kay, im tired of scrolling XD


If you want…


Isn’t today the day of the breakfast battle veteran fundraiser


Oooohh, yeah… @WynterDiamond?

She seems to be off for a while…


So sorry for the lateness!

Tagging peeps


takes everyone’s 5-10 hopbucks
Welcome to the party!


@SweeTeaStuffz, we need to get all of the tables set up! Halp me!


Th salad bar hasnt come either? And the dessert table just arrived. Where should the banner go? I have a few extra fairly lights too. Alos, where is the board engraved with all the veterans names? I ordered it last week…

Should we postpone the picnic? Indont know if weve got everything ready… @WynterDiamond


Also, thats a pretty long name XD


Don’t worry – we’ll really start the party tomorrow.
As for the other stuff -

  1. The salad bar will come – if it doesn’t then I have this head of lettuce and we can send someone to the store
  2. The dessert table can go near the salad bar
  3. Let’s put the lights on the canopies and tables
  4. The banner can also go on one of the canopies – maybe the one that’s closest to the front of the picnic
  5. The board… huh… how did that happen?



But the board… its very valuable, made out of gold bricks… cost 4 million hopbucks, ill tell you that…


barges in

Hello! Y’all are setting it up?


Oh gosh… what do we do? What was the name of the company that you hired?
@Gobli09 yes, we are. Want to help?


Yuppers… very busy…

Hey, can you pick up the dried cereal? I bet that’ll be worth thousands… its over in the storage bins.


Um… Scammer gold? Something like that…

I didnt get the cell though… lets see…



@SweeTeaStuffz um, ok


Okay… get me the number – did you already pay them? Don’t tell me that you already paid them.


Uh, yeah, I gave them my credit number on the phone…


Oh gosh. What have you done?
calls number
"Hello? We entrusted you with a 4 million Hopbuck purchase of a board with all of the veterans’ names on it – we haven’t received it yet. If you could call back with the status of it, that would be great. Thank you. The number is 555-555-5555"
Nobody picked up.


Here, ill check my credit card history… pulls computer from nowhere, and goes into account hm… did I order a huge flagpole, and a 3000 hopbuck fan? I cant remember…