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I’m making a general topic for obious reasons… ;D

Wynter is here, but not Winter, but let’s not argue over semantics [ʷʸⁿᵗᵉʳᵈ'ᵃᵐºⁿᵈ'ˢ ᵍᵉⁿᵉʳᵃˡ]
Gobli's General Topic II 🤔
Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

@CodiLabs, I made it ;D


Yay now we can talk about random percy jackson things XD


what's your fave moment in the series?
"I'm coming back for you, Calypso. I swear it on the River Styx."


I see what you did there


Uh.. "'Well,' Nico said, breaking the tension,' does anyone know what berly looks like?'" (Im so random :wink:)


I hear ya. Dat will be my new homescreen. Bai macaroons.


can anybody read the small text in the third panel that says "By ______"?


yup XD have you seen the cat prophecy?
"seven cats shall answer the call, to yowl or scratch the world must fall, a meow to keep with a final breath, and foes bear paws to the doors of"


Nope. Too blurry-ish.


I am crying from dat amazingness.


I know, I luv it!


I just told my other percy-lover-fren, and she wants me to make a poster out of it XD


lol XD I hope you can, I edited it into a wallpaper for mai old iPad


Oh. Wowsers. Speechless, but not really cuz im wierd, and we are true percy fans. And grover too. He's mah fave.


meme overload


I ran out of likes ;-;


NO OFFENSE ZEUS!!or Annabeth. Or Percy. Or Zoë. Or Thalia. Or Hera. Or Piper. Or Leo. Or Calypso. Or Hazel. Or Frank. I should reaaly stop, cuz im gettin a hand cramp—50 MORE TO GO!




Now I wanna make that my wallpaper, but ita too long. Dang it.