The cycle of a user in the Hopscotch forums


The user joins, excited for what they have.

Gets told what is wrong and what's not in the forums.

Gets into the forums and asks to collab or get a coding partner.

Gets member

Becomes more responsible and follows the rules.

Gets Regular.

Either becomes not known or become extremely well known in both forums or app.

If becomes well known very quickly, he or she will leave the forums for some reason. (Due to some events like this occuring a lot)

If becomes not well known immediantly, stays on the forums.

Becomes more active in the forums as the low recognition in the app has casued lots motivation.

Either makes a feautured project or leave.

More then likely a feautured project will lead to another feautured project.

Stays on the forums for a while

and sees how the cycle works, or just continues going on the forums.

If saw how the cycle works..



#ICanRelate lol :thumbsup:


Not relatable, as you haven't left yet


I probably will never get a featured.
The cycle makes sense though.


Lots of people follow this. But not all. (I don't.)


I don't either, but I think s/he was talking about a lot of hopscotches, for some of them, it'd make sense.


Not everyone follows this cycle....



Yes, the forum life.
Another one: returns to forum after leaving


Oh really? :wink: :wink:


A few months ago???
Did you actually leave for a bit


Still in the process :wink:


Yea u guess the people who make featured projects usually get them regularally


Sadly it's been 2 or so months since my last one :(((( I'm running out of ideas


Not really. Only some. I usually waited 8 months or so between features.

Unlike cough a few sweg people


Good for you :smiley:

And same!