The Curse of the Scary Monkey!


I was scrolling around hopscotch, and it started to lag a bit. I thought the community was down for a while so I returned to my drafts, where I clicked "log out". The thing reminded me that I should upload my drafts, so I did, and hopscotch crashed.
When I got back I saw this- (Project on left)

It has no title, and whenever I try to click it, hopscotch crashes.
I'm not sure what the draft was, but I lost it...
What do I do?
Please help!


I had that once so I deleted Hopscotch and then downloaded it back and everything has been fine since then


Hhmmm.... This looks weird... Did you put anything into the project? What steps did you do before this happened? What version of Hopscotch are you running?


This happened to me once! Except it (the monkey) was a BIRD!


You know @system's a robot?


Oh noes!

Can you open other drafts? Can you play projects?


Happened to me a lot of times.

This can happen when you create a new draft, and hopscotch crashes for some reason.

All you have to do is delete the draft. Before you do that though, check your drafts to see if you are missing a project.

Thats all I know. :T