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I feel like Hopscotch is turning into a social media. More and more projects are appearing that are along the lines of ‘Sup’ anyone around to chat.’
I think this is causing a rise in people being made fun of on Hopscotch. Does anyone agree with me? If you do, reply to this and tell me what you think should be done. By the way, this poll is about what people are treating Hopscotch like, not what it is.

  • Turning into a social media
  • Still a coding app

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Well it’s obviously a coding app, there’s just way more rps and chatting then preferred


I think this has been talked about before as well


Yeah, but when I look at projects, the majority are about people’s personal stuff and about wanting to chat

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How do you find those projects? Newest is gone.


Like this

Look at the profile of -Queen Bee-


It’s at the end of the line

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You can’t stop it so what’s the point. That one is just for popularity.


No it isn’t



I agree with you about what’s been happening, and I’ll give you a little inside info:

THT noticed this too, and the drama and everything else. This was one of the main reasons that they got new categories and reorganized most of the app. So now we can focus on the coding aspects more than the chatting and roleplaying and drama parts.
The changes were to encourage coding and put that back at the front of the app.

While we’ve been working on cleaning up the forum, THT has been able to focus so much more on cleaning up the app.
I don’t know this at all, but I do believe that they have more stuff planned. and with all of the changes that have come and may possibly come in the future, I think that chatting stuff will eventually diê down n out.


Thanks for the info, but I still feel more needs to be done. Everyone’s profile is accessible, and newest is full of chat projects, so everyone can see everyone’s project. There has also been a huge rise in Hopscotch Bullies. (If you look for them you would be surprised how many there are.)


Course. Yeah I agree, and THT are probably working on it. Give them some time.

Newest is gone actually, if you update the app.
Update. There are some bugs, but if you update and get AE’s fix, you’ll definitely be happy with the quality of projects that you see.
I know I am

Bottom line with buIIies – ignore them. They can’t affect you if you don’t let them. The only thing that anyone gets out of it is the person gets needlessly hurt and the buIIies get satisfaction, which you don’t wanna give them.
H8ers gonna h8, people are always gonna be mean. Ignore them and don’t let them affect you.
But the problem with that is kids can get hurt really easily.
THT is probably working on a fix for this too, and they just need more time. THT is a small team and they have their irl lives and other stuff to focus on n improve. It’s a matter of prioritizing. They’ll get around to it.
For now, just report the buIIies’ projects


Also btw if you got an edit notif from me, I changed the title to what the topic was about and put it in the right category


I hope it does, I see so many role plays, remixes and art on HS. I don’t have anything against it, but I miss that feeling of when you publish a project, it appears in newest and seeing those awesome projects, like especially in mid 2015. The quality is still good, but it’s not the same. I feel like everyone has a talent for coding but some don’t want to, you know what I mean?


I remember I saw a project in newest that would end up on game changers in 2015



I totally get that dude.
I miss 2014-2015 hs so much because of that and the quality of projects.
I’ve almost left and distanced myself from hs so many times because of that stuff, but the new categories and recent changes have redeemed I think so much more for me, and I’m super excited for what comes next.
I genuinely believe that it’ll get better, and I hope im not proved wrong about that


I totally agree with you. I created this topic so I could see what other people think, and I have seen other opinions. I really don’t like people chatting on it, it ruins the fun of looking for other people’s cool games and projects because you can’t find any games.


I’ve been really excited too, they are really helpful! I feeling like the RP’s are starting to die down now, but whatever THT do I really believe it’ll help change that. I miss 2014. I miss 2015. I miss 2016. However, I feel like it’s starting to become like that again, but with less users. I hope we get that feeling back, even if it’s only for a short amount of time. I’ve left HS too so many times because no one else coded. But now I’m positive what THT are doing will benefit us all :unicorn:


You would mean HS forums is Turing more like a social media

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No, the actual app is turning into a social media. I know it sounds weird, but it is. Have you seen all those posts asking to chat?