The Cupcake Challenge


This is HS related.

This is a challenge through Hopscotch.
The Cupcake Challenge is when you code a cupcake,
You will need to enter it into the Challenge.
Once the deadline is over the 3 winners will make a HS book.
Everybody's design will be in the Finished Product.

Don't remix somebodies Cupcake.
Don't enter multiple times.
Don't eat your cupcake :D
Name your project #Cupcake Challenge.

The Deadline is November 10th.

Good Luck!!!


Can I be a judge with you , please ???.


It would be fitting for me to join this, huh? :joy:

Unfortunately, I'm busy, but cool idea!


I might join!! Consider me a maybe for right now.


Can the cupcake also be pixel art? Fairly new here so don't really know XD


Yes! Yes! I will join, in favor of @codingCupcake123. XD


Your Cupcake can be Pixel Art.


Cool! If I get some time, I will probably make a pixel art cupcake.