The Crazy chances of hopscotch

This is a topic to see the crazy chances of hopscotch. Also to find every topic similar to the one you want to make, you have to look as a time of 26^26 Minutes and that is a long time. To be exact, 676 Minutes. Or 11.21 Hours so That’s Why I couldn’t match it with every single topic.


I believe there’s already a topic made for this, or is similar to this

@FearlessPhoenix? ^^


“Believe” exactly. If you don’t know then how do I know?


so is this just to discuss probability and knowledge theory/philosophy?


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So That’s why I never check every possible post


And that’s why


So what you’re saying is that it takes way too long to look through similar topics before making a new topic, and that’s why you make a new topic. And then it can become frustrating for it to then be closed/deleted.

It would indeed be impossible to know every other topic that exists, that is similar to the one you’d like to make, especially when one is new to the forum.

At the moment, when creating a new topic, the forum does suggest similar topics in the popup, e.g.:

But I can see you’d like to have some topics that you have created yourself too.


I tried that But No, it didn’t work.


@t1_hopscotch also Actually it would take 10^31 years to search for every one. Or atleast every topic so if there is a badge for viewing all topics, Delete it.

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yeah it is an unreasonable expectation for you to already know

I guess if you might not know that another topic exists, other people in the community do and they link it. Then leaders can merge the new topic into the existing one (They do this to keep the forum tidy of repeated topics on the same discussion - for example, so that all discussion on a feature request can be seen on one topic, to make it easier for Hopscotch Team can see how people want it) Though I can understand if you might not like it that way


@anon82626866 One Off

i’m not off i’m alive

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You did 10 x 10 30 times not 31.

kk lol :+1:

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This has gotten a bit off-topic from the Hopscotch forum (and the maths discussion has continued on the Math Topic). If you would like to raise more concerns/questions about the forum and how it runs, you can start a post on the Leaders Q and A Topic.

If no one has anything to add, I think it might be worth closing + archiving this topic.