The Costume Topic!


Hey guys!
So I had this great idea where we could post our costumes, if you know yours yet, and then make a project out of it in Hopscotch. Also, you could see if anybody has the same costume as you and give each other advice on how to improve it and maybe even collab on the costume project in Hopscotch.

Anways, I am going to be...


I have this very cute sleeper/onesie thing I ordered from Amazon and it should be here in a couple of weeks.

Happy Halloween!!

What's your Halloween costume?

Wow @ChocolateFox fast fingers!! XD


Kewl! Imma be an asassin...
w/ a black cloak and mysterious dark makeup


i'm gonna be lucy heartfila from fairy tail :')


Hehe thank you! *bows


Remember to make your projects in Hopscotch!!


i don't have hopscotch rip


That's okay. You have an exception. :+1:🏼:+1:🏼


*busts in through a door that wasn't there 6 seconds ago*


this is a cool topic i have no idea what's i'm doing for spoopy day halloween


I'm going to be Ray from the new Star Wars movie!


Ooh good one!! TBH, I still haven't seen the Force Awakens yet. :grimacing::grimacing:




I only saw it last week!!!!! Because it was one at a random time!


What's TBH?


My friends and I are going to be single blades of grass, and when we are near eachother, we are grasses


To be honest


OMG. The bestest costume ever!


I'm going to be a vampire/zombie! Basically, I'll wear a vampire costume, but make the clothes ripped and dirty...I'll wear dark makeup, but make my skin a pale green with scars! =D


Cool! Sounds creepy! So a.. vombie??


ehhhh...more like a zampire