The Cool Summer Club (TCSC)



This topic is if you are gonna be on the forum this summer then head to this topic where we will have fun and games planned if you are bored this summer or have nothing to do
Fill this form out to join
Do you like having fun
Like summer?

We will have a blast!





@DatKawaiiPillow 4 more replies till flower
@Houseelf87 4 more replies till flower


Will u like to join?


Do you like having fun?: Yeah
Do you like summer?: Yeah
Are you active?: Well, yeah. Kind of
Are you nice?: Yeah


Ok your in!
Your a plant
The next will be a flower and then tree


The first activity
What is your favorite part of summer?


I guess the fact that's always so nice outside and stuff.




Not so much because it's very hot and sunny but I like the fact that we get to wear summer clothes and stay in the air conditioning room.


Ok illl add u later @Houseelf87


Sorry I'm doing my summer camp.
I just remembered I had to post something there


That's ok
I love your pfp @Explorer_ it's sooo funny


@DatKawaiiPillow @Houseelf87
I made the group tag list
Join here


I can't join though.


@TCSC is that it? Ok but Paigee you can't tag it with @TheCoolSummerClub only with TCSC. Ok I'll add myself I just found it.


I like yours too! It's adorable!!!




Oh ok!
I thought it was tagged with the other one lol!
Ok the other one (TCSC) is it


I added u @Houseelf87 @DatKawaiiPillow