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The Compromise!@omtl

Hopscotch is a wonderful app, with all kids alike! But, people have been complaining for months, a complete year, for my personal perspective! With my knowledge of a roleplayer, myself, I know how they feel! If we just ignore them, it’ll be all fine… but no! This won’t work! As, we all know! The haters won’t stop complaining, so here’s my compromise. We have months where roleplayers are aloud, and not. If we add this, it’ll allow more great projects to appear in the newest section! We don’t have to listen to other people about great creators! We can clearly see all coding projects! This will fix the problem kinda… but, what potential does it really have? How long, what months? How will this work? I have an answer for all of this! First things first, I’ll list the months that are banned!

January :Unbanned

February : Unbanned

March : Banned

April : Banned

May : Unbanned

June : Unbanned

July : Banned

August : Banned

September : Unbanned

October : Unbanned

November : Banned

December : Banned

Why would we do this? Well… it makes since, kinda. When we do this, sure they’ll complain, and email hopscotch, and do all of that crapp… but still! If this doesn’t work I don’t know what will! We coders would really appreciate roleplayers to stop for while! So, starting now! You’re free to go! Next month! You can’t roleplay!


Roleplay problem

no offense but this is not a good idea


How so, it seems reasonable to me!


Please list your reasons now! I need to watch this argument!


Okay, so I like your concept of stopping roleplaying, but it’s kinda like coding being banned for two months straight. But with roleplaying. Imagine how the roleplayers would feel about this.


Me too!


Every 2 months actually…


Debate!! It’s time to debate!
Who will win? No one knows right now!


True. I doubt most will care unless it’s strictly enforced, say, their account gets suspended for a week each time they break the rule.


Like I told @Mr.rex! I’ll email THT about this!


It’s still very hard to make this plan go through


Ok? I’ll email the hopscotch team telling them to take down the app let’s see if they do it




Alright shortcake


They wouldn’t.
Post a screenshot of their email back, if they get back to you!
Unless you’re joking again.


Don’t what if they actually do it


We need to accept this!


That’s the point. I’m saying that just because you tell someone to do something doesn’t mean they will.


Everyone has an opinion!


Or suspend your account?